The following is an extract from my book ‘Free Range Humans – Understanding the Matrix Control System & Awakening Your True Self‘.

With the world’s nations controlled under a single multinational corporate pyramid, the Cabal puppets we call world leaders then play their roles as actors in a massive show of theatrical drama. The Cabal decides who will be the bad guy and the hero from one week to another, as well as who will attack whom and how they will do it. In truth, apart from rare exceptions, they are all working for the same agenda, despite appearing to be enemies. Once they decide who will be the good guy and bad guy, each nation then utilises its own internal MSM to pummel the desired message into their citizens minds. They will say, “Today Russia is your enemy”, and another day, “China is your enemy”, and another day, “South Korea is your enemy”. Those countries will also say to their citizens, “today America is your enemy”, and another day, “England is your enemy”. The important thing is not who the enemy is, but that there is an enemy. For without an enemy, the endless violence, wars, military aggression, increased surveillance, deletion of human rights and personal privacy, and subsequent expansion of global power could never be justified.

Therefore, just about everything that occurs between countries is simply pre-engineered theatrics designed to keep the masses in fear and servitude. If a country truly is a threat to the MCS, they are systematically crushed by the Cabal and absorbed back into the control system. It may be difficult for some readers to comprehend that we could exist in a system based on such a massive level of lies and deception. The Cabal have been at this game for a long time and have turned controlling and deceiving humanity into a refined and systematic process. The reality is that the entire Cult that we have been indoctrinated into is based on nothing but illusion and theatre. War itself is just a game for the Cabal, and is in fact a very reliable tool for expanding their agenda for global control. The Cabal is in such a position of power that they can finance both sides of wars, making countless billions off it no matter who wins or how many people die. G. Edward Griffin’s The Creature from Jekyll Island documents this in methodical detail and demonstrates how deaths within wars are seen as necessary collateral damage by the Cabal. They are willing to sacrifice some of their products in order to ensure larger business gains. For, if there is a country that is demonstrating resistance to their rule and is showing signs of obtaining independence, the Cabal can use war as an excuse to invade and cripple that country into submission. They can then take control of that country’s leadership and its major industries, and gradually absorb them back in line with the control system. War cannot be justified to the public unless there is something emotionally powerful enough to justify initiating one, and the only thing powerful enough to do this is terror and fear.

Therefore, to engineer this terror and fear among the public, the Cabal will stage an attack, or a series of attacks, upon its own citizens. These attacks may be in the form of a bombing, shooting, an engineered virus, or even flying planes into a set of towers. Or, there are times when a threat is actually non-existent, but by deceiving the public into believing that it is real through the MSM, it is often enough to generate the desired reaction. The purpose of these staged attacks is to get the public into such a state of terror, fear, shock, and anger that they begin demanding revenge upon the “perpetrators”. The Cabal will already have pre-planned the script as to who these perpetrators are, and they will pummel that script into the minds of the public through the MSM immediately after the attacks. They will do this at the same time as continuously showing graphic and gory images of the attacks to ensure that the public experiences maximum trauma and shock. Whatever perpetrator the Cabal decides to blame these attacks on depends on which country they wish to invade and conquer. They will create a villain who is from their target country, blame the attacks upon that person, and then convince the public that they must wage war upon that person and anyone affiliated with him. It is at this point that the idea of going to war is relentlessly pushed into public’s mind’s through the MSM, and they achieve this by repeating simple slogans such as “The War on Terror!”, or, “War is Inevitable!”, or, “War for Peace and National Security!”. There will be many within the public at this point attempting to warn the masses that they are being deceived, and trying to help them see the irony and contradiction of attempting to obtain “peace through violence”. Unfortunately, because the masses are blinded by fear and are deeply programmed to trust and be obedient to their masters, they disregard these people as “conspiracy theorists”.

This technique has been named by researchers as the “problem, reaction, solution” strategy. It is named as such because when the Cabal want to move forward with an agenda, such as creating a war, they must first engineer a “problem”. This is because they know full well that without a powerful catalyst, their agenda would never receive any public support. However, when there is a “threat”, such as a staged terror attack, it can function as the necessary catalyst. This “problem”, which as mentioned previously will be blamed upon a made-up villain, inevitably triggers a strong public “reaction”, such as shock, outrage, panic, and terror. This then allows the Cabal to present their “solution”. The solution always includes strategies such as increasing national security measures and surveillance, bringing in new strict terrorist laws, and waging war upon the country this “villain” came from in order to “bring them to justice”. All of these “solutions” are presented in such a way that gives the appearance of increasing the safety of the public and the nation, but their true purpose is to enhance the Cabal’s power and control. Problem, reaction, solution, is used on the public again and again with incredible success, and even though it is very predictable, it will continue to be used in the future, for why change a strategy that is so successful. Besides, even if war results, the safety of those within the Cabal is never directly threatened, for they themselves never actually go to war. They have instead sent countless millions of innocent people to their deaths on their behalf, all of whom believed that they were “serving their country”. The amount of deaths caused by governments in the 20th century alone is estimated to be over 200 million (I believe that is a conservative number personally), and this means that death by government is the leading cause of human deaths compared with any other cause that exists.






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