The following is an extract from my book ‘Free Range Humans‘. I have made this extract public because it is so relevant to everything regarding the current coronavirus mania.

Big Pharma and Western medicine

Estimated to be worth over a trillion dollars, Big Pharma, which is a name for the giant corporate multinational pharmaceutical industry, has infiltrated and corrupted western medicine. It has converted what we call medicine into a practise of poisoning with pharmaceutical drugs, and it has converted what we call doctors into glorified pharmaceutical drug pushers. The influence of Big Pharma is why, for example, medical degrees focus very little on preventive medicine—as this would limit the need for pharmaceutical drugs—and have been found in the past to only provide no more the 19.6 hours of nutritional training within their entire medical degree. Big Pharma has achieved this corruption by using its immense wealth and power to influence everything from government medical policies and laws to the way universities and colleges train their doctors to the way doctors treat patients. It also spends up to $30 billion dollars on public marketing alone per year, promoting its products to potential consumers.

Having been heavily corrupted by Big Pharma, there are two core principles that Western medicine has built its entire foundation on that we have been programmed to assume are true, but on further investigation, reveal themselves to deeply flawed.

  • Disease is a mostly random invasion and attack on the body, often coming from an external agent such as a germ or virus, and has very little to nothing to do with lifestyle habits.
  • Most healing and curing can only be achieved with the help of external agents such as pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines.

A: Toxemia and the Fallacious Germ Theory

Many renegades in the field of alternative medicine have revealed great evidence over the last 150 years suggesting that whilst germs and viruses do exist, they are not the cause of disease, but are instead the by-products of disease. This statement will likely even surprise those with an open mind, but that is because these false beliefs have been programmed so deeply into the collective human psyche. Whilst this is a complex topic to address, I will do my best to bring clarity to this distortion, for the false programming we have received regarding the true nature of disease is very harmful.

Alternative medical research suggests that disease is actually caused by a consistent violation of the laws of Nature, which includes a largely processed, over cooked, and low nutrient dense diet, stress, toxic beliefs and thoughts, emotional suppression, a lack of exercise, fresh air, and sunshine, and an accumulation of environmental poisons. It is the toxicity that builds up in the body as a result of these factors that then creates the ideal environment for germs and viruses to feed on and multiply. This toxicity build-up is referred to as “toxemia”. The late Dr. Herbert Shelton, one of the leading minds in alternative health and healing in the twentieth century, explains that, “Toxemia is the product of fermentation and decomposition, and of the retained end products of metabolism, of worry, spite, hate, fear, jealousy, fault finding, promiscuous love, sexual excesses, overwork, overstimulation, overeating, dissipations and excesses and too much haste for the almighty dollar. The deficiencies and excesses of which the whole human race is unconsciously guilty may be properly regarded as the basic cause of disease. These are the things that enervate (drain lifeforce energy; Author’s note) and enervation lowers functional ability. Toxemia clogs the organism, every cell, tissue, organ, nerve fibre, the blood and lymph stream, until one after another the organs of the body break down.”

The belief that germs and viruses cause disease, rather than toxemia, is something that the Big Pharma-influenced medical industry makes sure we never question. This is because as long as we believe that germs and viruses cause our illnesses, then we willingly place our blind trust in the hands of Big Pharma and consume their drugs and vaccines. This is instead of taking full responsibility for our own lifestyle choices and focusing on prevention rather than treatment.

Author Arthur M Baker explains that, “In 1864, French chemist Louis Pasteur fathered ‘The Science of Bacteriology’ and ‘The Germ Theory of Disease Causation’ by demonstrating the existence of various micro-organisms—and concluding that these germs cause pathogenic changes in living cultures within the laboratory setting.

“The germ theory states that diseases are due solely to invasion by specific aggressive micro-organisms. A specific germ is responsible for each disease, and micro-organisms are capable of reproduction and transportation outside of the body. With the germ theory of disease, no longer did we have to take responsibility for sickness caused by our own transgressions of the laws of health. Instead, we blamed germs that invade the body.

“The germ theory effectively shifted our personal responsibility for health and well-being onto the shoulders of the medical profession who supposedly knew how to kill off the offending germs. Our own personal health slipped from our control.

“Almost everyone in the Western world has been nurtured on the germ theory of disease: that disease is the direct consequence of the work of some outside agent, be it germ or virus.”

Despite the germ theory becoming the widely accepted foundation of our modern Big Pharma-controlled medical industry, there was another theory that appeared at the same time which directly opposed it. An online article titled “The Fallacious Germ Theory” explains that, “It was Antoine Béchamp (1816-1908), a contemporary of Pasteur, who discovered the true nature of germs. He found they were pleomorphic (capable of changing from one type of organism to another). With this theory, it is the conditions where germs live that is important (the terrain), instead of the germ itself. As Florence Nightingale put it: ‘There are no specific diseases, there are specific disease conditions’. 

“Pasteur himself, in one of the most quoted deathbed statements perhaps of all time, recanted the Germ Theory and admitted that his rivals had been right, and that it was not the germ that caused the disease, but rather the environment in which the germ was found: ‘Bernard acail raison; le terrain c’est tout, le germe c’est rien.’ He was referencing his nemesis Claude Bernard, a proponent of the Terrain Theory and contemporary of Antoine Béchamp.”

Pasteur’s quote on his deathbed, “Bernard acail raison; le terrain c’est tout, le germe c’est rien”, translates to “Bernard was right. The microbe is nothing, the soil is everything.” 

Renowned scientist Dr Rudolph Virchow, who is considered the father of modern pathology and who was a vocal critic and opponent of the germ theory, said that, “If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat: diseased tissue, rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.” 

Dr. Saul Pressman explains: “The so-called ‘bad’ bacteria and viruses that modern medicine fights with its huge arsenal of pharmaceutical drugs are in reality the germs of life. These germs of life live in symbiosis with the nutritive medium that constitutes our body, allowing it to be built up and later decomposed, to be metamorphosed and recreated. These germs are pleomorphic shapeshifters who are controlled by the medium in which they live.

“Germs are not something separate, isolated, unfriendly and coming from without, but are rather the foundation for all life. Without germs, there is no life. Their number is infinite. Their function is varied. Germs can change shape, join together, separate again and return to their primordial condition. Viruses, bacteria and fungi are various developmental forms of germs. The nutritive medium on which the germs thrive determines the type of development they will undergo.” 

The truth is that germs are not the deadly enemy of man that they have been portrayed to be, one that is attempting to invade us at any opportunity and which we must attack with all of our might. This is just something the Cult wants us to believe because it keeps us in fear, makes us feel helpless, and provides the justification to keep humanity reliant on and addicted to pharmaceutical drugs. When the body is healthy and free of toxemia, germs are actually crucial to the processes of life that build and maintain health. However, because germs are pleomorphic, when toxemia builds, they shapeshift into scavengers within the body, and could be likened to cockroaches in a rotting rubbish bin. Although, just as the cockroaches are not the cause of the rubbish that they are feeding on, neither are germs the cause of the diseased conditions that they can shapeshift to thrive in. There are trillions upon trillions of germs and bacteria within the human body, and we are breathing in or coming into contact with many thousands of others every second of the day. In fact, microscopic organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi comprise more than half of the cells (57%) found in the human body. Why then is everyone not permanently sick? This is because it was the “Terrain theory”, proposed originally by Antoine Béchamp, that was the correct theory.

Another analogy that is helpful in understanding the terrain theory, is to imagine a deer that fell over in the forest and died of a natural cause, such as old age. The moment that its heart stops, the ‘terrain’ of the deer’s body instantly begins to change. The blood loses oxygen and becomes highly acidic, the organs cease detoxifying causing the blood, lymph, and tissues to become toxic. This change of terrain then causes the trillions of viruses and bacteria that were already present on the deer’s body to change their function. Only minutes and seconds prior, they were in fact helping to maintain the health of the deer, but now they will begin feeding on the deer’s dead tissue in order to help decompose its body back into the earth. This is the function given to them by nature, and if this weren’t the case, then Earth would be littered with dead bodies everywhere.

Now, if a scientist came and tested the blood of the deer directly after it’s death, he will find a large number of viruses and germs present, and may claim that these were the cause of its death. This, however, isn’t the case. The viruses and germs were there in larger quantity because of the change in ‘terrain’ that the death created.

So how does this apply to coronavirus?

Ironically, all of the conditions that have been imposed on us by the lockdown, are conditions that change the terrain of the human body in a negative way. Fear, anxiety, stress, isolation, lack of sunshine, lack of exercise, lack of quality nutrition, an obsession with sterilisation, and so on, all cause toxemia in the body and a compromised immune system.

These are the conditions we have been largely subjected to in order to keep us “safe”. What we are instead doing, however, is creating the perfect conditions for germs and viruses to develop in, and there is a great deal of evidence that this is by design.

The True Nature of Disease

Not only are we misguided in thinking that germs and viruses are the cause of disease, but our whole understanding of the nature of disease is inverted. We have been conditioned to fear disease and treat it as something to be combatted, whereas in truth, disease is the body’s attempt to initiate a process of healing. What we call disease is the body’s attempt to heal and purge itself of the numerous poisons that have accumulated as a result of toxemia, and to heal itself of the damage those poisons have caused. It is also the body’s attempt to force us to rest so that it can restore the lifeforce energy reserves that our habits have drained. Therefore, instead of attempting to “fight” disease with pharmaceutical drugs and countless other methods, all we need to do is get out of the body’s way and trust in the wisdom of Nature.

Dr. Shelton explains that, The practice of poisoning a person because he is ill is based on erroneous notions of the essential nature of disease. In all the teachings of the medical schools, disease is regarded as something foreign to the system, as an attacking entity, and poisons are administered to war upon, drive out or destroy the enemy. But, as the truth is the exact contrary to this ancient notion, all poisoning practice is exactly wrong; it is nothing more nor less than a blind war upon the human constitution.

“The belief that germs can be killed inside the body is untenable, for any chemical that destroys microorganisms also destroys the body. Medical men are still trying to kill germs with drugs; the fact still remains that they damage their patients more than they do the germs.
“Healing is a biological process, not an art. It is as much a function of the living organism as respiration, digestion, circulation, excretion, cell proliferation, or nerve activity. It is a ceaseless process, as constant as the turning of the earth on its axis. Man can neither duplicate nor imitate nor provide a substitute for the process.”

Dr Isaac Jennings, another prominent doctor from the 1800s, explained that, “Disease, fever, inflammation, coughs, etc., is entirely true to the laws of life, which cannot be aided by any system of medication or any medication whatever; but, relying solely upon the healing powers of the body and placing the patient in the best possible conditions for the operation of the body’s own healing processes, by means of rest, fasting, diet, pure air and other Hygienic factors.”

C: Suppressing the Body’s Attempts to Heal

The truth is that drugs do nothing but suppress symptoms and perform no actual healing. For example, if a person has a build-up of poisons in their stomach as a result of indulgent overeating, consuming too much alcohol, or eating spoilt food, one way the body may attempt to purge these poisons is through diarrhea and vomiting. When this occurs, we then declare ourselves to be sick and label these bodily attempts at self-cleansing and healing as a disease called “Gastro”. If we consume a pharmaceutical drug that stops the diarrhea and vomiting, we believe ourselves to be “cured”. The truth, however, is that we have not achieved any healing or curing at all, for all we have done is suppress the body’s attempts to cleanse and heal itself. The drug itself held no magical powers and did not do anything to the body apart from adding a new poison into the system. This then forced the body to redirect its energies away from the self-healing it was undertaking (the diarrhea and vomiting), and instead focus them toward defending against the new poison. Whilst this new threat is being dealt with, we may experience temporary relief from our uncomfortable symptoms, but this is only because they have been suppressed and placed on hold. Once the drug has been combatted and expelled, the body will, if it has enough energy left, revert back to the original tasks it was performing. If this occurs, we then believe that the “disease has returned”, but this is only because we mistake Nature’s healing efforts to be a disease that is attacking the body.

The problem is that now the body must not only perform its original task of removing the poisons that it was attempting to purge via the diarrhea and vomiting, but it must also expel the new poison (the drug) and heal any damage that it has caused. As well, because the diarrhea and vomiting were not allowed to follow their natural course to completion, the poisons they were attempting to eject remain in the body where they can cause damage to the vital tissues and organs. This can cause more uncomfortable symptoms, which people then take even more drugs for, and they unwittingly plummet themselves into a sad and vicious cycle of never-ending symptoms and drug taking. This creates a permanent dependence upon Big Pharma, which is exactly where the Cult wants us.

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