The following article is an extract from my book ‘Free Range Humans‘. I have released it for free because what I describe in this is what I believe the current Covid plandemic is being deliberately used as a catalyst in order to build this new technocratic control system around us at a rapid rate.

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
~Frank Zappa

1: The Social Credit System

One key objective of the NWO (New World Order) agenda is to gradually implement a technologically controlled system known as the “Social Crediting System” (SCS) into every country. How the SCS will operate is that all tangible money will be eliminated and replaced by a digital currency, which will be likely known as “social credit”. We will also be provided with a social rating score, and both the amount of social credits we receive, and our social rating score, will be based upon our social behaviour. Our social rating score will be calculated by the central AI, which will give us an average rating out of 5. Part of the preparation for gradually implementing this SCS has been to first introduce corporations like Uber and Airbnb into societies, which use this very same rating system.

When the SCS is introduced, what we will be judged on overall is our level of obedience to the rules of the SCS, and this will be determined by analysing things such as our social media posts and interactions, criminal and driving history, credit rating, shopping purchases, and general surveillance footage. The surveillance footage, however, will be much more intensive that what we are accustomed to today. For when the SCS is online, AI controlled surveillance cameras will be monitoring every square inch of society, as well as monitoring us through every smart device.
An online article summarises this system well: “Imagine a world where an authoritarian government monitors everything you do, amasses huge amounts of data on almost every interaction you make, and awards you a single score that measures how ‘trustworthy’ you are. In this world, anything from defaulting on a loan to criticising the ruling party, from running a red light to failing to care for your parents properly, could cause you to lose points. And in this world, your score becomes the ultimate truth of who you are —determining whether you can borrow money, get your children into the best schools or travel abroad; whether you get a room in a fancy hotel, a seat in a top restaurant — or even just get a date.”

An eerie episode of the British show Black Mirror depicts how this SCS world will likely operate. In Episode 1 of Season 3, titled “Nosedive”, a futuristic world is portrayed whereby a SCS is in full effect. In this world, each person wears AI-infused contact “smart” lenses, which analyses the data of each person one comes into contact with. For example, when the main character of the show bumps into a friend on the street, her smart lenses show her the other person’s social rating score and any other associated personal data. This allows her to know if she is in contact with someone of a high or low social rating. Then, after this interaction, she must rate the other person out of 5, and the other person must also rate her. In fact, each person must rate each other after every single interaction, no matter how minor or meaningless it was. As a result, the main character must be on her best social behaviour at all times if she wishes to maintain a high social rating score. A high score is important because it determines her standing in society, and whether or not she can receive a good loan, get a well-paid job, or even eat in certain restaurants.

To many, this type of system may sound unimaginable, but this exact SCS has already been introduced in China and will be fully online there by 2020. What this means, in terms of the NHF’s global farming operation, is that the farm paddock that we know of as China has been prepped to accept this new system without resistance sooner than the other farm paddocks. Investigating how the Chinese SCS will operate provides us with an eerie glimpse as to how it will operate everywhere, as China has been a testing ground for the Cabal. Now they intend on slowly implementing the Chinese system all over the world, and in fact, this is already well under way.

Many people will find it hard to accept that this system will be implemented outside of China, because China is known as an openly communist country. Whereas, most other countries are supposedly democratic and are given the “choice” of who will lead them and how they will be led. It is important to remember that this choice is just an illusion, and that the same Cabal are always ruling in the background no matter which puppet is “elected” into power, or which system is implemented. What we call “communism” is just a name for a system that the Cabal uses to control the masses, one that historically has been very effective in achieving this aim. What we currently have in our “democratic” societies is “capitalism”, which despite being a system that supposedly stands for personal freedom and independence, eventually achieves the same results as communism. That being a society completely controlled and owned by the state, which occurs mostly because the Cabal have hijacked and corrupted capitalism with their Federal Reserve banking system.
The only issue with capitalism from the perspective of the Cabal is that even despite their manipulations, it still provides too much freedom and independence to the individual. Communism, however, is a system in which the Cabal can control the masses more completely, openly, and without rebellion, and demand total uniformity and obedience to the state. For this reason, they wish to spread communism all over the world, but they wish for this modern form of communism to be controlled technologically, which is the purpose of the SCS. Knowing most people’s disdain for communism, the Cabal have been slowly and gradually infiltrating it into our current systems in ways that most remain unawares to. They will continue this covert subjugation until the point of no return has been reached, in which it will then become very much out in the open for all to see.

When the SCS is online, those of us who are disobedient to its rules will be deducted credits and will have our social rating score lowered, and such disobedient behaviour will be given an Orwellian term such as “untrustworthy social behaviour”. If we display “untrustworthy social behaviour” on a frequent basis, we will then have our social credit account suspended. In this system, social credits will be required to access nearly everything; therefore, having our account suspended will mean an exclusion from society. To ensure everything in society is fully reliant on the use of credits, the Cabal also intend to introduce what is known as the “Smart Grid” and the “Internet of Things” (IOT). The Smart Grid and IOT are technological systems in which all devices will be converted into “smart devices”, and these smart devices will be connected by a central AI. Smart devices will include everything from the toaster, shower, toilet, fridge, car to public technologies like trains, trams, busses, and so on. So-called futurists have even spoken about the human body and plant life being eventually connected to the Smart Grid through nanotechnology. All of our everyday devices, once converted to smart devices, will require the payment of social credits every time we wish to use them. Many will even require us to have a certain social rating if we wish to use them, or they will offer extra conveniences for those with a high social rating score. For example, public transport systems such as trains and buses will contain seats only available to those with social rating scores of 4.97/5 or higher. Or, whenever there are queues at the airport, or other public spaces, those with high social rating scores can use the priority line.

As part of the incremental introduction of these systems into each country, most public transport systems are already set up in a similar way. Here in Australia, to get on a train we must place digital credits onto our train card and then tap that card on a machine before entering the platform. If we have enough credits, we receive a green light to say that we can access the train; if we do not have enough credits, then we are given a red light to indicate that we do not have access. Once the IOT and Smart Grid are online, everything will operate this way, from the smaller devices like a toaster or a fridge, to larger things like a train or a plane. This means that if our social credit account is either suspended, does not have enough credits available, or if we have a low social rating score, then we will automatically be blocked from using all of the technology that our lives now rely on. This already occurs today whereby if we have a bad credit rating then we can’t apply for a loan, or, if we do not have enough credits on our train card then we cannot use the train. All of this is by design to prepare us for the coming SCS, but when this system is online, it will be applied to nearly every single interaction we have with every device on the planet. There will be no room to argue, either, as it will be a binary green light (yes) or red light (no) based system only.

The Cabal plan on having this entire system governed and controlled by a world-wide central AI, and they wish to remove all human-to-human interactions and replace them with human-to-AI interactions only. For example, currently, if we have issues with something like accessing a plane or train, we can generally speak to another person and find a resolution. In the future, once the SCS has been implemented, this will no longer be a possibility. The AI will give us either a green light or a red light, and because it is AI rather than a real person, there will be no room to argue or reason with it. The only option will be to obey no matter how much we do not like it or how unjust it is. The Cabal will write the backend algorithms that will program which rules the AI will enforce within the SCS, which will provide them with ultimate social control.
This also means that if the Cabal wanted to make a sweeping change in society, they can simply write and upload a new algorithm into the AI. For example, if too many people are speaking out against government, the Cabal can program an algorithm that commands the AI to suspend the social credit accounts of anyone caught doing this. There will be cameras and microphones littered in every square inch of society, unmanned drones flying in the air, and microphones and cameras within every smart device, all connected to the central AI. This will give the Cabal unprecedented surveillance over humanity, meaning it will be nearly impossible to disobey the strict algorithms that they will write.

Even when the AI suspends our social credit account for something arbitrary, minor, and unjust, there will be very little to nothing we can do about it, as there will be no opportunity for complaint or appeal. If our account is suspended, we will be labelled by the AI as an “untrustworthy” citizen, and this label will likely appear on the screen of every device that we attempt to use, along with “access denied”. It is also likely that we will be placed on a period of strict probation, whereby we must receive zero strikes in order to be labelled “trustworthy” once again. Or, if we become repeat “offenders”, then we will likely be forced into what they will call “social rehabilitation” or some other similar Orwellian term. Someone in social rehabilitation will be made to appear to others as someone who is dangerous, and a threat to social peace and order. In social rehabilitation, the “offender” will likely undergo severe mind control programming and behavioural conditioning, and will be placed on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals, in order to pummel them back into blind obedience. Once, or if, they re-enter society, with their will power broken, their mind reprogrammed, and drugged into docility, they will be praised by others as having been “rehabilitated”.

A great example of how this SCS will function can be seen in the 1993 movie Demolition Man starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock. In this movie, society is strictly controlled by a technologically based totalitarian system, and a central AI issues warning tickets and punishments for anyone caught disobeying the rules. In humorous scenes, Stallone’s character is issued warnings by the AI every time he uses a swear word. In this world, even physical human touch such as kissing and having sex, as well as listening to music, have all been made illegal. This sounds extreme, but this level of control is what is eventually planned for us.

Another example of how the AI controlled IOT and Smart Grid will operate can be found in the Iron Man movies starring Robert Downey Jr. In these movies, Downey’s lead character Tony Stark’s entire house consists of smart devices (a Smart Grid) that are connected by a central AI known as Jarvis. Through this Smart Grid, Stark can speak to Jarvis and ask it to do anything he needs, which is how the entire world will operate once the SCS and Smart Grid is online. The difference is that in the Iron Man movies, this system is depicted as cool and futuristic, and provides an immense amount of power and convenience to Stark. As well, the voice of Jarvis is made to sound perfectly human, personable, and even humorous, rather than artificial and robotic, and Jarvis and Stark relate to each other as if they are old friends. This is a classic Hollywood programming tool called pre-emptive programming. This is where a depiction of a potential future is programmed into our minds so that when it begins to be tiptoed into society, it is already familiar to us, and therefore, we are much less likely to resist it. Also, by portraying this technology as being cool, fun, personable, non-threatening, and powerful, not only will we not resist it, but many will welcome and encourage it.

The rules imposed onto us by the SCS will be extremely strict, and these will all be implemented in the name of “social peace, order, trust, and security”. These rules will ensure that any questioning of authority, even if it is a criticism of an abuse or atrocity, will lead to a deduction of credits or an account suspension. This means that eventually we will be punished for behaviours that we currently perceive as basic human rights, such as freedom of speech, which is something that is already occurring today.
Eventually, even certain emotions and thoughts will be made illegal, and there will be technologies that will be able to scan us and analyse what we are thinking and feeling based on our body’s biorhythms. In fact, such technologies are already being developed. A Hollywood movie released in 2015 titled Equals, starring Kristen Stewart, depicted a dystopian world in which human emotions are outlawed and are considered to be symptoms of a disease known as “Switched on Syndrome”. Everyone in society must therefore take a drug each day to prevent the onset of this syndrome, and anyone displaying symptoms are forced to enter a rehabilitation facility known as the DEN (Defective Emotional Neuropathy) Facility. Here they undergo severe pharmaceutical-based mind programming “treatment”. In this world, emotions are thought of in a similar vein as to how we currently perceive diseases like diabetes or cancer. As well, human touch and sex are forbidden, and women are instead artificially inseminated in order to become pregnant. This movie was another clear attempt to either warn humanity about what is to come or to prepare our minds for its eventual arrival.

Those who will be heavily targeted by the rules of the SCS will be people who are disobedient to authority, people who criticise government, and people who are creative and inventive in their thinking. The goal will be to limit the freedom of these types of people to the point whereby they have very little influence on society. They will even be portrayed as being mentally and emotionally unstable, and disruptive to social peace and order. On the other hand, those who follow the rules imposed by the SCS with enthusiasm and obedience will be rewarded with extra social credits, a high social rating score, and extra privileges and luxuries.
This is already occurring in China, whereby millions of Chinese citizens have been banned from certain privileges because of their social behaviour. For example, 9 million Chinese have been banned from being able to purchase domestic flights, among many other restrictions. China will also focus on public shaming to control social behaviour, as they will create a blacklist that will include those with low social credit ratings, and those whose accounts have been suspended. This list will be posted daily on a public government website and will be available for all to see. It is also likely that if someone on the blacklist attempts to contact someone else via their smartphone or some other device, it will notify the other person that a blacklisted person is contacting them.

Public shaming is already in effect at some traffic light pedestrian crossings in China. What occurs is that if someone attempts to cross the road before the green light, a high-tech facial recognition surveillance camera will project their face up onto a large public screen so that everyone can see who the perpetrator is. Public shaming is a powerful method of social control as the Cabal understand what tribal and social beings humans are.
The central AI of the SCS will monitor us every single moment of every day, scanning our thoughts, emotions, and biorhythms, and monitoring and tracking our every movement. Privacy will be a long-forgotten thing of the past, and the goal will be to ensure that the fear of making a mistake and being punished for it is always in the back of our minds. This style of social behavioural conditioning via reward or punishment is similar in concept to how we train a pet dog to become obedient when it is a puppy. This is an apt metaphor, for the Cabal see us as their pets, and they know that in the future, when children are raised and conditioned within the strict rules of the SCS, they will become unimaginably obedient.

Divide and conquer tactics will still be used to great effect upon the public once the SCS is online, with fear being the biggest weapon utilised by the Cabal just as it is today. Initially people in society will likely be divided into 4 classes, known as Class A, B, C, or D, or something similar. Those in Class A will be given the most social privileges, whereas, those in Class D will be given very little to no privileges. Which class we are placed in to will be dependent upon our social rating score, so for example, to be in Class A may require a rating of 4.95/5 or above. Whereas, those with a rating below a 4.80/5 will fall into Class D. Essentially, the upper classes will be taught to look down upon and distrust the lower classes, and the lower classes will be taught to resent the upper classes, just like what occurs in today’s societies already.

Eventually, we will likely be divided into only two separate classes, those being the “Desirables” and the “Undesirables”. The Desirables will be those who are perfectly obedient to the rules of the SCS, and the Undesirables will be those who are disobedient. The Desirables will be conditioned to deeply fear the Undesirables and will view their disobedience as being symptoms of a dangerous and infectious disease. Being labelled an Undesirable will be a deep source of shame and social ostracism, and an Undesirable will likely be forced to undergo severe mind programming within a “rehabilitation” facility and will be placed on a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs. Believing them to be infected with a disease, the Desirables will fully support the system’s abuse of the Undesirables, and will view their treatment as necessary.

2: The 5G Wireless Rollout

There is one technology that the Cabal are currently desperate to rollout on a global scale, and that is the latest wireless cellular network known as 5G (fifth generation). This is because 5G is crucial if the SCS, Smart Grid, and IOT are to function smoothly, as it will provide an extremely fast and high bandwidth wireless network and Internet. This fast and powerful wireless network is needed in order to connect all smart devices on the planet and allow them to be in constant and immediate communication with each other within the Smart Grid.

Alongside this, 5G itself poses major health risks, for it emits high millimetre microwave frequencies that give off potent EMF radiation. Therefore, it is likely to prove highly detrimental to human health once it is fully online. In small doses, the radiation it will emit may not be too dangerous, but once the 5G grid has been fully rolled out, we will be largely enveloped by a blanket of microwave radiation at all times. This rollout has already begun, and unless it faces resistance, it should be fully rolled out within most urban areas over the next couple of years. Already, many people are reporting highly negative health effects from wireless technologies such as 3G and 4G, and yet 5G will be hundreds of times more powerful. In fact, the microwave frequencies that 5G utilises are so potent that they have been used as a military weapon and for crowd control.

There are a large number of doctors, scientists, and health professionals speaking out against 5G and attempting to educate the public about the dangers, as well as pleading with world leaders to halt its rollout. A number of resources can be found on the resources section of this website. Despite this, 5G is being rolled out untested and regulated only by manipulated industry standards that allow for a very high level of radiation to be emitted.
What this means is that we are going to be like guinea pigs in a giant experiment, as Earth slowly begins resembling a microwave oven. This is being allowed to happen, of course, because the 5G rollout is a crucial part of the NWO agenda, and safety testing and proper regulations will only get in the way of the Cabal’s plans. Despite this, a number of towns and communities around the world are standing up against 5G. Some have even found loopholes in the legal system that have allowed them to stop the 5G rollout in their area. More info on this can be found on the link provided above, as well as information as to how we can protect ourselves from the 5G radiation.

3: Transhumanism

A technologically based ideology known as transhumanism has been gradually building momentum over the last few decades, and in particular over the last five to ten years. It is revealing itself to be a crucial aspect of the NWO agenda. Transhumanism is the belief that integrating technology and AI into the human brain and body will make us smarter, more capable, and will help us to conquer disease and live longer. This all sounds positive on the surface, but in truth transhumanism is yet another cult, designed to lure us in with its false promises, and then deceive us with its true agenda.

One of the key promoters of transhumanism is a Cabal-controlled man named Ray Kurzweil, who is a self-declared “futurist” and the director of engineering at Google. People like Kurzweil are telling us out in the open with startling transparency about the technological prison that those who support transhumanism intend on building around us. The reason for this is because they are relying on us falling for their sales pitches, which are telling us that it will be the “saviour of humanity”.

Kurzweill and other “futurists” promote transhumanism as something that is going to save humanity from all of its faults and apparent limitations, and they are always very quick to remind us how “inferior” the human body is. Transhumanists cling to the idea that the human body is outdated and too slow to evolve, and that our only chance for evolution is to introduce robotics to help speed up the process. Otherwise, AI will become too advanced for us and we will be left behind. Kurzweil says that, “You and I are walking around with outdated software running in our bodies, which evolved in a very different era.”

The truth is that the body’s technology and intelligence is already breathtakingly remarkable; we have just become so disembodied, and our lifeforce so drained by the Cult, that we have forgotten how to utilise its full potential. There are, however, many such examples of people in the world demonstrating seemingly superhuman physical, spiritual, and intellectual feats, showing us what is possible. We see these people as extreme exceptions to the rule, but it is more likely that they are simply showing us the potential that we all have within us. Transhumanists never mention this, for they are promoting a cult, and therefore seek to have us believe that our current body technology is defunct and useless.
Transhumanist promoters are attempting to entice us into believing that there is a quick and easy way to solve all of our problems and achieve health, happiness, and personal development without having to take any self-responsibility. By doing this, it attempts to exploit all of those around the world who are experiencing pain and suffering by having them believe that everything will be resolved by technology. The current condition of human health around the world is obviously deplorable, with physical and mental diseases at all-time highs; however, nearly all of these issues have been created directly or indirectly by the Cult. Now the very same Cult promise to solve them all for us!

The truth is that the body already has remarkable innate abilities for self-healing when given the proper conditions; but this takes commitment, self-discipline, and time. But as Kurzweil promises, these qualities aren’t necessary when “we’ll be able to have very intelligent, little robots with computers going inside our bloodstream, keeping us healthy from inside, destroying cancer at the level of one cell.”

In another quote, he declares, “…the software programs that make our body run were evolved in very different times. We’d like to actually change those programs. One little software program, called the fat insulin receptor gene, basically says, ‘Hold onto every calorie, because the next hunting season may not work out so well.’ That was in the interests of the species tens of thousands of years ago. We’d like to turn that program off.”

Transhumanism will make our lives so much easier to the point whereby we won’t even need to do our own thinking in the future! This is because eventually, our thoughts and memories will be uploaded to the AI-controlled global “cloud”. Kurzweil explains in one of his best sales pitches that, “as you go out to the 2040s, now the bulk of our thinking is out in the cloud. The biological portion of our brain didn’t go away but the nonbiological portion will be much more powerful. And it will be uploaded automatically the way we back up everything now that’s digital.”

Never mind about all the creepy and dangerous implications this holds, because as he again explains, this will only serve to make us infinitely more intelligent: “…By the time we get to the 2040s, we’ll be able to multiply human intelligence a billionfold. That will be a profound change that’s singular in nature. Computers are going to keep getting smaller and smaller. Ultimately, they will go inside our bodies and brains and make us healthier, make us smarter.”

Another major player in the field of transhumanism is technocrat Elon Musk. Musk portrays himself as being against AI and wary of transhumanism, but then he demonstrates a fatalist attitude by claiming that if we can’t stop AI, then we might as well join it. He has even gone as far as creating a company called Neuralink, whereby he plans to improve the output speed of the human brain by implanting technology into the brain stem.

Musk has become like a modern-day God to his followers who blindly trust him, but the technologies he is releasing through his companies are perfectly playing into the hands of the Cabal’s NWO agenda. This is particularly the case with his Neuralink company, which has classic Cabal fingerprints all over it, using their typical “problem-reaction-solution” strategy. The problem is the advancing AI and the control it may soon have over humanity; the reaction is the public fear that this produces, with everyone wondering how to stop it; the solution, of course, is his Neuralink company.

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