The cold hard and painful to accept truth is that we have never been free. We are born into a system that is designed to control us from cradle to grave, and are given the illusion of freedom only because it suits the controllers.

They have learned from the past that it is easier to tighten the control system in a way that doesn’t alarm too many of the captives. All the while lulling the majority into a sleep like hypnotic trance, mostly via media propaganda, the education system, toxic diets and pharmaceutical drugs. This way they don’t have to deal with any pesky revolts or revolutions.

I named my book ‘Free Range Humans‘ because essentially we are like free range animals. A farmer allows his free range cattle to roam around in their paddocks unbothered for most of the day. He provides them food, water, and generally good conditions. The cow thinks he’s got it great and is free, but little does he know that he is a captive. He doesn’t know this because he was born into his paddock and therefore doesn’t realise that the fences around him are in fact his prison walls. He is also domesticated, meaning that he is passive and submits very easily to his controllers will. Because of all of this, he doesn’t suspect that there is a sinister agenda planned for him, and then one day without any notice he is taken off to the abattoir.

What we are seeing today with the tyranny happening all around the world is not a new development. It’s not our leaders going insane and becoming dictators out of nowhere. What it is, is the true face of the control system coming out of the shadows. It is our politicians taking their masks off and revealing to us their true natures. They have just been ordered to turn up the heat by their masters who are hidden in the shadows.

Now I know this is heavy so I am going to put a positive spin on this. I personally don’t think they intended on coming out of the shadows as aggressively as they are now, not yet anyway. I think that there were other catalysts that forced them to do this and for this reason it is working against them. One reason is the Great Awakening happening around the world that is raising the consciousness of the human family. People are breaking free from their spells at a rapid rate.

But, the purpose of the control system is to keep human consciousness down and suppressed, and so in response to the Great Awakening they have become aggressive in how fast they are pushing towards their end game.

The know that they need to lock us down in their medical apartheid/transhumanist nightmare before human consciousness raises to a point whereby we no longer fear our controllers. Because as that point they will lose their power over us and they simply can’t afford that to happen.

But here’s the kicker, by becoming more aggressive in their push to control us, they are actually waking more people up at an even faster rate. It is working against them.

I know it might not seem that way right now because things are pretty intense and scary, but we must be patient because everything is a process. If you are awake now you will know that the awakening process is a journey. It can take a long time and a lot of self work in order to remove the fear and programming that the matrix embeds into us in order to control us.

That’s what I believe people are going through right now, they are doing the work to remove the power the system has had over them for so long. Not everyone of course as some are simply beyond saving, but MANY.

A big part of this process is coming fully to terms with what I mentioned at the beginning, which is that we are not free. Our freedom is and always has been an illusion. The quicker we can understand this the quicker we can realise that we cannot comply our way out of this tyranny. Take off the masks, refuse the jab, refuse to be silenced, and don’t buy into the fear propaganda.

We must also be patient. I know this is hard because it feels like we are running out of time, but we cannot force anyone to wake up. They can only do it on their own terms and on their own time. All you can do is plant seeds of awareness and be a shining light and a pillar of support when they are ready to go deeper. In the meantime there is always more work we can be doing on ourselves to keep removing the hooks that the system has within us.

The big advantage we have compared to past generations that have faced tyranny is our ability to connect with each other all over the world. This terrifies the controllers, which is why they are censoring so hard.

That is why we must keep migrating off of big tech and over to censorship free platforms like telegram.


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