The political establishment masquerades itself as a sophisticated system that can effectively run and manage human societies. This is nothing but a fraud.

In truth it is a criminal system designed to enrich and empower itself at the cost of you and I. Anyone seeking to climb up the hierarchy within this system must be fully willing to operate in as corrupt a fashion as those above them demand. If they don’t then they will not make it very far. The establishment protects itself at all costs, which is why we rarely if ever see justice for the many crimes afflicted upon humanity.

The establishment perceives everyday people as nothing but products to be exploited and discarded once they become useless. The level of exploitation is beyond what most can imagine, not to mention the lies we are told about our history and who we are.

The establishment has allowed different classes to develop among the populace because this causes division and makes us easier to control. Typically we’ve had the upper wealthy class, the middle class and the lower class. The wealthy class and middle classes generally identify themselves as being part of the establishment. They see themselves as “intellectuals” and superior to those below them, who they might refer to as rednecks or bogans (aussie slang).

Its these “upper classes” who are put through the private schools and expensive colleges and universities, whereby they are heavily programmed to become perfectly molded products of the system. They see themselves as being the promoters of “progressive” ideologies, but in truth they are promoting exactly what the system wants them to promote. Another part of their programming is to worship science and western medicine as being perfect systems that can do no wrong. This is why it is these classes who are currently the most obedient and compliant to the covid cult and its draconian agendas.

To go against the covid cult would mean to cease identifying themselves with the establishment, and they just can’t do that. They are so deeply tied to the establishment that they will follow it no matter what cliff it takes them off. Little do they know that the establishment doesn’t give a damn about them. The minute communism is installed throughout the west they will be treated like all of the other classes, as they will no longer be useful. They are either part of the ruling class elite or they are not. It will be a harrowing time for many as they begin to realise this.

Meanwhile what those tied to the establishment also don’t realise is that there is a major anti establishment movement growing among the masses. What could be referred to as a populace revolt. They don’t realise because they can’t see beyond their establishment programming, but also because its happening in subtle ways.

Its happening by people beginning to reject the big central banks and moving towards decentralised finance like cryptocurrencies. By people flooding to alternative media and censorship free social media platforms like Gab, Telegram, and bitchute, in order to bypass Big Tech. By people escaping tyrannical far left controlled cities and states for more conservative states that still appear to have some value for human rights. By the huge protests we are seeing around the world. By the massively growing interest in topics of an esoteric, spiritual, and conspiracy nature, which is why big tech has ramped up its censorship so much in order to stop the flow of empowering information. By the massively growing interest in learning to grow one’s own food and others survivalist skills that allow us to become less dependent on the system. By the massively growing interest in alternative health and healing modalities. By the massively growing interest in reigniting traditional values, such as putting family and community first.

These are just a few of many examples, but make no mistake it is happening. The establishment is in its dying days, but like a dangerous cornered animal it is lashing out viciously in order to regain control. This means things are scary, intense, and even dangerous, and things are only going to get more intense before they get better. However, it also means that the establishment is exposing itself more and more for what it is…

A hideous beast whose time has come.


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