Conspiracy & The New World Order

America: Freedom to Fascism – A documentary by the late former Hollywood director Aaron Russo. An absolute must watch.

The Creature from Jekyll Island – In my opinion this is the rosetta stone of conspiracy books. This book took nearly 2 decades for G. Edward Griffin to finish. In unbelievably exhaustive detail, it explains how a group of political elite have placed themsleves in positions of immense global power, as well as the sinister agenda they have for humanity. Due to its length I recommend the audiobook version. The hard copy would probably take many months to finish.

Out of Shadows – An explosive new documentary. It lays out the basics of the CIA involvement in the MSM, Hollywood, and Music Industry, tying it into MK-Ultra, Sexual/Satanic Ritualistic Abuse and Elite Pedophile rings in Hollywood and places of high power. 

End 0f the Cabal – Another recently made documentary looking into similar themes as ‘Out of Shadows’. This one goes quite a bit deeper though, and reveals a lot of confronting darkness within the world.

Zeitgeist – A classic documentary that woke many people up when it was released nearly 15 years ago. A great introduction to a number of global conspiracies, & a very powerful one to help people realise that world is nothing like it seems. – Created by David Icke. Icke was ridiculed on a monumental level in the early 90’s when he began speaking about a hidden Cabal who control the world. He is more popular than ever now because the things he predicted in the 90’s are happening in front of our eyes. Not many are laughing at him now, but there is a major effort to censor him taking place.– Created by Australian Max Igan, and contains a wealth of resources and documentaries Max has made. He also has a popular radio show called ‘Surviving the Matrix‘. Max doesn’t pull any punches and therefore his content can be quite confronting. But like Icke, he has been correct with many of his predictions.

1984– The classic work by George Orwell (real name ‘Eric Blair’. Orwell preditced the world we see being built around us so accurately that the term ‘Orwellian’ has become synonymous with anything connected with control, power, and manipulation. The fact that Orwell wrote 1984 in 1948 is mind boggling, and many believe he had inside information to the coming NWO agenda through his connections to the Fabian society.


Gnosis by Boris Mouravieff – An epic trilogy written in the early 60’s outlining the principles of esoteric Christianity – A website created by Bernhard Guenther. It covers a wide range of esoteric material, and also has a podcast & forum for those looking for a likeminded community. – A website created by Tom Montalk (who wrote the foreword to my book). It is similar in themes to the website above, but goes deeper into Gnsostic traditions, and has a wider range of scientific based material.

Esoteric Agenda – A fantastic documentary made by Ben Stewart. Doco bio: “There is an Esoteric Agenda behind every facet of life that was once believed to be disconnected. There is an Elite faction guiding most every Political, Economic, Social, Corporate, some Non-Governmental or even Anti-Establishment Organizations. This film uses the hard work and research of professionals in every field helping to expose this agenda put the future of this planet back into the hands of the people.” – Created by Paul Levy. A wealth of esoteric material and highly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Also contains some fantastic books that explore the nature of evil as well as Quantum Physics. – One of the original researchers of the esoteric and conspiracy domain. Jordan’s website contains a full lifetime worth of research and material.


Yuri Bezmenov – A soviet union communist defector, explaining the communist takeover occurring around the world. This was filmed over 30 years ago & the accuracy of his statements is scary as hell.

The General’s Son – Miko Peled was born & raised in Israel, was a staunch believer in Zionism, & was conditioned to despise & fear Palestinians. In this fantastic book he outlines his awakening journey as he began to really understand what Zionism was about. He is now a full blown activist who speaks out against the atrocities of Zionism, & the abuse imposed onto the Palestinian people.

Know More News – A youtube channel created by Adam Green specifically committed to exposing Zionism and the NWO agenda.

Film & Movie

The following (borrowed from is a list of highly thought provoking, insightful, and esoterically symbolic films.

“Truth veiled in fiction. Films and shows of potential interest to fringe/alternative minded individuals. Everything listed has some deeper, higher, prophetic, gnostic, or archetypal aspect even if not immediately obvious. Items on this list are loosely grouped by category.”

Social Crediting System (SCS), Transhumanism, & the Smart Grid

Jeffrey Matte – A fantastic website with a great deal of information about the coming SCS and transhumanism movement.

Social Credit: Almost there, a warning to every American – A detailed news report on how the SCS will function, and how it is gradually creeping its way into the west.

China’s TERRIFYING Social Credit System – A short 8 minute but well put together explanation of the SCS by Paul Joseph Watson.

Transhumanism – The Consciousness trap – An article by Bernhard Guenther explaining why transhumanism will be the end of humanity as we know it, & how it is designed to trap our soul & consciounsess.

Max Igan – 5G, Transhumanism & the rise of Technocracy – A very detailed & well put together documentary by Max Igan.

Max Igan – Transhumanism Rising – Another doco by Max.

Techtopia: The truth about Smart Cities, 5G, & the Earth grid– A detailed documentary explaining the smart grid our planet is being transitioned in to, & how it will function.

5G Awareness

Richie Allen interviewing Barry Trower about 5G, Trower is a former Royal Navy microwave weapons expert
A Youtube channel called ‘’, this guy provides awesome advice around 5G and how to protect yourself and is very balanced in how he presents his evidence.
 How to win against electrosmog naysayers (This video addresses MSM influenced counter arguments others will likely use to brush aside any 5G concerns and breaks down why they are not accurate)
A series of great interviews. This video also shows the former FCC boss Tom Wheeler bragging how 5G will be rolled out without regulations or safety testing.
A telecommunications insider/engineer explaining exactly how 5G works. Some of his analogies really simplify things and make it easier to understand. 
An in depth analysis of 5G studies by Dr. Graham Downing.
Dr. Sharon Goldberg, an internal medicine physician & professor gives her testimony regarding 5G technology dangers specifically involving EMF radiation.
An ex silicon valley engineer talking about the dangers of wireless tech.
David Icke discussing how 5G is a war against humanity
A fantastic doco about the dangers of smart metres.
Dr. Jerry Phillips, an ex scientist for Motorola discussing how his research was covered up. This also lists many other research results showing the harms of EMF’s.
A scientist showing the changes in red blood cells after just a few hours of EMF exposure.
A doco well ahead of it’s time, made back in 2000 it discusses the potential of wireless radiation to impact the brain and DNA.
A 90 page report by an esteemed biochemist professor, Dr. Martin Pall 
A shorter summary of Dr. Martin Pall’s 90 page report on EMF’s and 5G, plus a video of him talking.
Supposedly Israel will be the only country not rolling out wireless 5G (not 100% sure how true this is at this stage). 
Why the FCC is corrupt and can’t be relied upon for safety regulations.
20,000 satellites are set to be launched to beam 5G down from space, turning Earth into a massive microwave oven.
An Israeli study showing the harmful effects of EMF’s, as well how 5G is used as a military weapon.
An insurance regulating company report discussing the harm’s of 5G (many insurance companies won’t insure for EMF damage FYI).
 The InPower movement – These guys have come up with an ingenious legal method to stop 5G and many other things the system imposes on us. It also takes into account esoteric knowledge. – the very comprehensive website dedicated to stopping 5G – A facebook group created by the website above with over 10,000 members. Highly recommend joining as there’s always great material being shared on there.
 Shungite stone is a very powerful EMF repellent.
 5 tips to reduce EMF exposure and boost vitality – A fantastic small PDF guide to self protection.
– Purchase your own radiation detector device – Option 1  Option 2 – The products on this website claim to minimize EMF’s – Tesla pendants, i wear one of these every day
Examples of 5G and IOT (internet of things) media propaganda. Notice how they promote the speed and convenience of them.

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