Holistic Health Coaching




Many of us are aching to express our true selves and our souls voice fully into the world, and yet we hold back and dim our light because of social conditioning, unconscious fears, and childhood wounding among many other things. To begin to find our true selves we need to learn to be vulnerable, to have a safe space where we can share our vulnerabilities without shame or guilt, and knowing that we won’t be judged.

Matt has experienced much of his own suffering and battles with addictions as a result of dimming his inner light to conform to societies standards of how he should live his life, and it was this very suffering that created an inner fire that fueled his passion to figure how to access a more meaningful way of living. As a passionate researcher, Matt has deeply studied what he considers as the key pillars for living a life with more depth and meaning, ranging from holistic health and nutrition, esoteric spirituality, conspiracies (figuring out what the hell is going on on this planet and why the human race is so suppressed), and psychology (in particular Jungian psychology). Through his research, personal experience, and working closely with mentors, he has found what he believes is a highly effective system to life a life that transcends the ego, and allows the true infinite essence to come to the fore, thus awakening one’s deepest passions and suppressed talents and gifts. Matt believes we are all unique artists here to express our unique creativity to the world on the canvas that is life. The challenge is peeling away everything that is false and which is blocking this true inner creativity from revealing itself to the world. In his coaching, Matt wishes to provide a safe space for his clients to open up with vulnerability, using Matt as a compassionate mirror to help highlight some of the blockages that may be holding back their access to their true inner creativity and passions.

“Our soul’s voice reveals our deepest wisdom and our deepest wounds, which is why
unleashing our soul’s voice is often our deepest desire and our deepest fear.
We ache to be self-expressed, to be authentic, to totally let ‘er rip and yet
we are terrified of being that vulnerable, that raw, that real. So we edit,
shape or even shut up our unique soul’s voice in order to be accepted,
successful, and even loved. But deep down in our bellies, where our power burns
the brightest, we know we cannot be of service, we cannot be free, we cannot
truly come alive if we aren’t sharing the truth of who we are.” Sera Beak

Matt’s Bio:
31 years old
8 Years as a professional athlete in the Australian Football League (AFL)
Diploma and Bachelor certificates in holistic nutrition and health from the
University of Natural Health.
Lives in Byron Bay, Australia

Note: Sessions will be conducted via Skype and will go for 1-1.5 hours. Matt will contact you once you have made your order to set up a time. If you need to contact us before making a booking, please do so through the contact page.