My mission here at SOA is to help others on their journey of awakening, with a particular focus on exposing and helping others to transcend the Matrix Control System.

What is the Matrix Control System (MCS)?

A matrix is defined by OED as the cultural, social, or political environment in which something develops.” Therefore, when I refer to the MCS, I am referring to the cultural, social, or political environment in which we humans develop. More specifically, the MCS is a deliberately engineered container that is designed to be a system of human control. It includes everything one might consider oppressive in Third Density Earth life, such as governmental, legal, military, political, and educational systems, mainstream media, Hollywood, pharmaceutical, and religions, etc., to the influence of negative forces in the Fourth Density realms and higher.

For a deeper understanding and exploration of the MCS, inlcuding the many negative forces behind it, please check out my new book ‘Free Range Humans’.

Please also see Tom Montalk’s brilliant short series on the MCS, by clicking here.

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