Our mission here at SOA is to help others break free from the incessant chatter, fears and anxieties of the head, and to pursue a journey of soul growth through the process of embodiment.

We sense that many people are awakening in this powerful and chaotic time we live in.
People are beginning to perceive this world/reality and their role within it in a much more expanded and empowered way. Realising that to limit and narrow who they are and their potential, in order to acquiesce to a fear and scarcity driven robotic system, is not honouring this beautiful gift of life we have been given.

People are also awakening to the fear based prison of the mind they have been living in for far too long. 

When unified, humans are incredibly powerful, however we have been controlled by fear for so long and are currently fragmented and divided in so many ways that we have forgotten our power. This power is what we wish to help people re-discover, and it lies awaiting for us within the infinite wisdom and intelligence of the body.

Our own personal suffering caused us to begin viewing the world from a different lens, it was a catalyst (as it is for many people) for us to begin our path to awakening. When we looked at the world through a new lens, knowing the state of joy and wholeness that is our birthright, we saw far too many people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, disease, poor health and energy and overall existential suffering.

We asked ourselves, is this really how human life should be? Or has something gone terribly wrong?

And why are we so confused and have no real idea about our ancient history on this planet? It seems that we are a species suffering from a deep seated amnesia.

For us personally, after years of trying to “make it” within our western culture (or the ‘matrix’ as people like to call it) we were forced to come to the conclusion that the way we were living just wasn’t conducive for our health and wellbeing. We were zapping our vital life force energy each day, putting our precious energy into career paths that caused us incredible anxiety, and for what? For money, for accolades, to feel like we belonged, to impress our peers and improve our social standing? All things that fed the insatiable and ever hungry ego and left the soul and heart starving for some love and attention.

This is when we began to wake up to the fact that the way modern humanity is living is deeply disconnected from nature, from spirit, and from our own body’s, and has been this way for so long that many do not even realise the disfunction and damage it is causing. We are a wounded and fragmented culture that has experienced deep spritual deterioration, and until we fully realise and own this, we will never awaken to our true potential 

As we began our awakening the questions kept pouring in.

Why are so many people stressed and unhappy? 

Why is there a disease epidemic with obesity and heart disease now a global norm? 
Why do we see humans suffering ailments unseen within animals in the natural world, and unseen amongst indigenous living as their ancestors did?
Why are we fed such artificial toxic food from giant corporations who pummel us with manipulative advertising from the moment we are born? 
Why have we become so disconnected from the breathtakingly brilliant self healing ability of our bodies, and instead pump ourselves full of poisonous drugs (known as “medicine”), that do very little but artificially suppress symptoms? 
Why are there such deep imbalances of wealth and sharing of resources in the world? With certain elite classes basically owning more wealth than 95% of the rest of the world, living in such ridiculous luxury whilst others struggle to survive day by day. 
Why does the education system teach us to conform to an outdated 9-5 work system that keeps everyone in the stressful rat race for most of their lives, seeking to climb up the corporate/social ladder instead of nurturing the brilliant and unique creative potential of each individual?
Why are we always pushing for the next milestone and achievement rather than just being present and taking joy from the now? 
Why have we become so deeply addicted to technology, as if we can’t wait to escape this reality?

Why have indigenous cultures around the world been so deeply violated with all of their ancient knowledge of the earth, the universe, of human origins, sacred plant medicines, and much more being completely suppressed?
Why are we constantly at war, with far more than 100million people dying from war in the 20th century alone?

Most people rarely think about these things because either they are too stressed and distracted by keeping afloat within the system that they don’t have the energy to put thought into it, or they have just come to the conclusion that this is “just the way things are” and complacently leave it at that. Or more likely is that most people are afraid of the answers that will arise when we begin asking these questions, and the personal responsibility we must each take for the condition of the world and instead prefer to remain in a bubble of denial and ignorance.

After seeking answers and looking down many different rabbit holes, we began to realise that all of the problems we see in the world are symptoms of what embodiment expert and author Philip Shepherd refers to as humanity’s ‘primary cultural wound’ – which we mentioned before. That wound being a split between the head and body, keeping us disembodied, which traps us in the fear based prison of the mind, disconnected from the love and wisdom of the body.

This primary wound has also caused a deep split between the male and female aspects of consciounsess inherent in all of us, allowing the development of the inner tyrant who rules and dominates our lives on every level. This primary wound also lock’s us into living through and being overly identified with the ego, disconnected from the guidance and love of spirit. 

Therefore, by addressing the symptoms we see in the world without addressing and paying large attention to our primary wound, we will continue to chase our tails without the results we desire.

As mentioned, our mission is to help people reclaim their wholeness, which includes reclaiming the natural joy that is the birthright of human life, and to realise that from wholeness everything else falls into place.

Wholeness however is not easily obtained as we live within an artifical system designed to keep us disembodied on every level, therefore we need the support of each other, and to feel safe so that we can heal the wounds and fears blocking our access to wholeness. Wholeness is also something we struggle to comprehend or define because it is something we have never known. Our situation can be likened to a killer whale born and raised in captivity on a theme park, who knows that something is wrong and longs for the vast open ocean that it has never been given the chance to explore.

That vast open ocean for us is our wholeness, and because we have forgotten our wholeness, reclaiming it requires our complete faith and intuitive knowing that wholeness is our home and it is always waiting for us.

We created ‘SOA’, in the hope that we can plant seeds of awareness within the consciousness of as many people as possible, and trust those seeds to develop and grow as each person embarks on their unique process of awakening. Human consciousness and awareness is currently like a flower opening up and preparing itself to blossom within a world ruled by darkness for far too long. Each of us are playing our role and every little action we perform every day, if aligned with love and unconditional service to others, can send a powerful ripple effect that may affect the lives of more peole than you can imagine.