To understand how much our society and world confines and controls us, we have to take a step back and contemplate who and what we truly are. If we believe ourselves to be just meaningless cogs in a giant machine destined to slog out a few tough years here on Earth and then die, then the confinement and control of our society will feel normal and acceptable.

This is not what I believe we are. I believe that we are spiritual beings, eternal and immortal at our core, and that we are having a temporary and fleeting human experience.

The challenge we come across in incarnating here, however, is that by waking up in a human body, we subject our true eternal self to major limitations of perception. This is enhanced even more by the fact that we grow up in societies that are themselves severed from Spirit and are heavily attached to the material egoic world. This means that we too become severed from the greatly expanded awareness of Spirit, and instead overly identify with the limited perceptions of the ego personality.

I define the ego personality as all of the titles, labels, and identities, that we and our culture give ourselves. For example, we may see ourselves as an Australian, American, Canadian, Christian, Muslim, banker, trader, salesperson, nurse, teacher, doctor, scientist, carpenter, mother, father, left wing, right wing, activist, feminist, vegan, paleo, wealthy, poor, smart, dumb, our name, and so on. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with these labels and titles, and I also do not support the idea that our ego should be destroyed or eradicated. As we need a healthy ego to give our Spirit a sense of individuality and identity to utilise as its pursues the mission it incarnated here for. The problem arises when we lose our connection with Spirit, and instead identify with the ego as being our true self, because whilst the ego is a good servant, it is a terrible and destructive master.

The ego is full of temporary roles we are playing, and any of them could end or be taken away from us at any time. Often, we do not even choose these roles, as they are instead given to us by the family, culture, and society in which we grow up in. Those that control and engineer society from deep in the shadows understand that if they can disconnect us from Spirit, and then mold our ego personality to their liking, then they can control the way we think, act, and the way we see the world. This is why they work very diligently to bombard us from a very young age with subliminal messages through institutions like government, media, education, religion, science, and Hollywood, that encourage us to view ourselves and the world in a very specific way. Through these institutions, we get told who we are, what we are, what role we must play, how the world works, how valuable we are, what is and isn’t appropriate to say, and we get conditioned to adhere to the many various cultural customs. We also get conditioned to be highly obedient to the state, and to revere and worship all of those who parade themselves in front of us as our “authorities”.

This has led to the situation we find ourselves in today, whereby as spiritual beings, with no labels or identities whatsoever, we are conditioned to identify ourselves with an extremely limited and socially programmed ego personality construct. This is like playing a video game, and then becoming convinced that you are the character rather than the player. When we awaken to this illusion, and we re-awaken our true self, we begin to realise how unbelievably controlled and confined we actually are. We are like birds who are raised in tiny cages, who don’t realise that there is an entire sky out there for us to fly in. And sadly, for most people the cage they are in has become so familiar that they are terrified of leaving it. For many others, however, they are desperate to be free at all costs.

Awakening to this illusion is one thing, but to truly access and operate from our true self, beyond the confines and control of our ego personality, takes a great deal of self work. This is because all of the conditioning, programming, and traumas we experience throughout our lives, which all lie trapped within our ego construct, do not just disappear simply by becoming aware of them. They must be first be confronted and felt, as must all of the ways our society has lied to and deceived us. This can be painful and messy, and very rarely does society offer a nurturing container for us to do this important self work within, but despite this, the courage to pursue this self work is necessary as the only way out to the light is through the darkness.

From my experience, this work is very much worth the effort. I still have a long way to go, but since my spiritual awakening nearly 10 years ago, I have spent a great deal of time healing and working on myself through a variety of different methods. It has certainly been difficult, and still is at times, but each time I shine light onto my inner shadow, a new level of peace, joy, and love envelopes me. I can feel my true eternal Spirit coming through me and I deeply yearn to merge and surrender to it. It gives me the courage and determination that I can overcome anything this world throws at me, and it fills me with awe and admiration for Nature and the amazing human spirit. This is a transformation that many are going through on Earth right now, as the Great Spirit infuses its energies here and encourages us to answer the call and evolve.

The great challenge we face, is that the controllers of society know that this transformation is taking place and they are desperate to stop it. They desire to lock us down into an inescapable technological prison that is manifesting as the coming A.I. controlled smart grid and social credit system. As well as their desire to merge our biological body’s with robotics and A.I. through transhumanism. All of which I elaborate on in my book, and which this current plandemic is a key part of.

Many people are aware of the agenda taking place and are speaking out, and this is why there is such a great attempt by the ruling elite to censor anything that challenges them. Once again, their tactic is the same as it has always been, which is to confine and control us by giving us more and more labels and identities.

We see this occurring in every issue in society, whereby you can no longer question anything without being given a label. All of these labels tend to fall under the larger umbrella label of ‘conspiracy theorist’, which is an accusation thrown at literally anyone now that questions the status quo. But under this umbrella term there are many smaller labels, and they typically begin with the word ‘anti’ or end with ‘denier’. We now have climate change ‘denier’, ‘anti’ vaxxer, ‘anti’ 5G’er, tin foil hatter, hate speecher, chemtrailer, flat earther, and if they can come up with any other labels (and they will) then they will use them.

These labels are designed to isolate and ostracize anyone thinking critically, and to cause them to feel judged and shamed. This sends a message to others who may be beginning to ask similar questions, that if they dare do the same then they will receive the same treatment. What this is leading to is a society whereby what we are allowed to think and say is getting smaller and smaller, and unless we stand up, our personal freedoms will be completely destroyed. This also ties in to political correctness, whereby we are no longer allowed to say anything that offends anyone else. Not only is this a ridiculous concept to begin with, but the guidelines of what constitutes as being “offensive” is getting smaller and smaller.

In a nutshell, the labels we are being defined by, combined with an obsession with being “politically correct”, is all designed to control and limit the way we think, and to prevent us from speaking out and awakening others. We must resist these tactics and stand in our courage and remain true to who we are and what we stand for no matter what the consequences are. For if we allow our freedom of speech and our ability to share information and inform others to be taken away, we can then kiss all other freedoms goodbye as well.

Again, doing this is not easy as it can feel horrible being judged and shamed by others, but the courage to do so arises when we do the work to connect back to our eternal self. This is because not only does our true self not identify itself with the temporary roles and labels of the ego personality, but it doesn’t identify itself with the petty desires, wants, and needs of the ego either. The ego needs to be liked, to be validated, to be accepted, to be right, to be in control, and it deeply fears being judged, ridiculed, isolated, and is ruled by its insecurities. That is why when we identify with this part of ourselves, not only does it limit our perceptions and our freedom, but we lose all courage to stand true to who we are.

When we awaken and do the self work required to access our true eternal self, all of these fears wash away, and we realise that nothing in the world is worth more than the fulfillment of being truly free.

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