Many people are waking up right now and are realising that the world is nothing as they once thought it was, and that there is a sinister and systematic plan to bring about a New World Order within human societies. In which every country will be controlled by a centralized communist one world government, who will be imposing a Chinese style social credit system and A.I.controlled surveillance smart grid.

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With all of our freedoms being taken away at an alarming rate by the current Covid 19 plandemic, many people are realising the seriousness and urgency of our situation, and are subsequently being triggered into action.
This is fantastic, as action and urgency is exactly what we need right now as the NWO endgame is fast approaching, and as I mentioned in a previous article, we are currently at a fork in the road as a species as a war is currently being waged upon humanity.

In saying that, how do actually get ourselves out of this mess we are in?

There are a number of practical things we can do, such as getting survivalist preparations in order in case the grid goes down or food and water supply chains are severed. We can work to get off grid by growing our own food, shopping locally, capturing our own water and making our homes self sustainable. We can get involved in the information war taking place on the internet right now, by writing articles, making videos, and spreading awareness on social media. We can also try and get ourselves out of the cities before they all become A.I. controlled smart grids. We can get involved in politics or contact our local MP’s and demand change. The reality is however, that not everyone has the time, energy, or resources to do these things.

There is something that EVERYONE can do regardless of their life situation and the resources available to them, which is to focus on their own inner self-work.

I think this so crucial right now, particularly because it is an area so many people neglect. They might say to themselves, “I’ll focus on that stuff when I’m free or when I have the time”. The ironic thing with that, is that this is actually the most important part of the solution, and with so much spare time due to these lockdowns, this is now the perfect time to do it.

In terms of applying self work during these lockdowns, this is also something I explored in these previous articles;

As above, so below

One reason self-work is so important is because the outer world is actually a reflection of our inner world. This is not just new age fluff, but something that has actually been proven by quantum physics. The double slit experiment for example demonstrated that the human mind has a direct effect on the physical world. Mind and matter cannot be separated.
The other reason it is so important to focus on inner self-work is because it is only through subjecting us to brain washing, mind programming, and traumas, can the Matrix and its architects control and exploit us.
So, if we do not do the work to heal the damage that this does to our mind and body, then the Matrix will be able to continue to control us with ease.
Many people who are “awake” act as if they have finished their self work and that its all about just focusing on external solutions now. But the reality is that unless we are enlightened (which I certainly am not), then no one has finished their self work.

So, I want to present to you a series of questions that I ask myself all the time, and which from your answers you will be able to highlight how sincere your commitment to your self work is.

They are;
How authentic and sincere am I?

If we want to bring about a world of truth and sincerity, then we must ask whether we are actually living that way ourselves? Do we operate each day without ego and in complete service to our eternal true self? I know that I’m not always doing this. I can sense my ego sneaking back in at times, such as enticing me back into old self sabotaging habits and patterns of behaviour.
This can manifest in a variety of ways, such as getting myself into an argument on social media just because I wanted to be proven right. Projecting annoyance, anger, or frustration on people around me if things don’t go my way. Or doing something for validation and approval, rather than because it’s the right to do.

The only way to know if we are being authentic and sincere is to be 100% honest with our self-evaluations. What I try to do is to check in with myself before I make any decisions or perform any actions, and I investigate into which part of myself the decision or action is coming from. Is it coming from my true self, or my ego? If I sense any presence of my ego, I will reject it.
This is not to say I’m perfect at this, far from it in fact, as the ego is the ultimate trickster and will entice us to justify our actions and lie to ourselves. But if we are making an attempt to always be self-aware and honest with ourselves, then more often than not, our decisions and actions will come from the true self.

How present am I?

What good is creating a new and better world around us outside of the Matrix if we’re not even going to be present to enjoy it.
What do I mean by that?
Well, the cold reality of modern human societies is that most people are completely disconnected from their body’s and live entirely up in their heads. This has become even more pronounced with the introduction of social media and smart phones into societies, which nearly everyone is addicted to now. These addictions are causing an even more pronounced split between the mind and body.
I highly value the intelligence of the head as it allows us to think abstractly, problem solve, philosophize, and allows us to think in a way that clearly separates us from other animal species. But this is an intangible abstract realm, and if we spend too long here then we miss out on the actual tangible reality around us.
Most people are so stuck up in their heads that they don’t actually live life, instead they are completely stuck dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Sadly, most people spend their entire lives living up in this realm, and they often don’t wake up to this until it is too late.
The body is what anchors our Spirit and consciousness into this reality. It is only through the body’s senses of touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste, do we tangibly experience the present moment exactly as it is. This places us in the realm of BEING instead of DOING.
It takes a lot of work to ground ourselves in the body each day, as there are so many things now within our societies pulling us back up into the head. For many people, the body is also filled with traumas and is not a comfortable place to inhabit. But if we truly want to change the reality around us in a positive way, then we must first fully inhabit that reality we want to change to our fullest extent.

How reliable am I?

A changed world outside of the Matrix must be a world of unity and connection, but do we even have that sort of unity in our own lives? The Matrix seeks to rip apart the unity of society, beginning with the family unit. So, what are we doing to reverse that? How reliable are we to the people around us? Are we giving our full presence to them and putting in the work to build relationships based on trust and authenticity? Without this first being achieved in our own lives, how can we expect the same from the wider world!

How disciplined am I?

It isn’t just the Matrix that seeks to enslave us, but many are also slaves to their own bad habits and addictions. In our modern world this can be anything ranging from our use of smart phones and social media, porn, Netflix, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, junk foods, and many other things. What is the purpose of seeking freedom if we are not even working to be free from the chains of our own addictions? The reality is that achieving this takes hard work, discipline, and commitment, and can often be a long and painful process.
This is not to say we are expected to be perfect in our choices, in fact seeking perfection can be yet another addiction. Sometimes we even need to partake in some indulgences in order to release a bit of steam. It’s when they become ingrained daily habits do we become their slaves. Self honesty is again crucial here as it’s very easy to allow the ego to justify away our actions. But freedom from our addictions and bad habits must first be achieved if we want any sort of wider freedom.

These are just some examples of questions we can ask ourselves. The main point of this is to keep ourselves honest and accountable, and realising that if we aren’t putting in the work to ensure that we are truly living the change that we want to see in the world, then expecting the world to change around us is nothing but a fantasy.

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