The Truman (True-man) Show

Written by Matthew Bate on June 2nd, 2018

If you haven’t watched the movie ‘The Truman Show’ for a while, I recommend going back and watching it again. I watched it recently for the first time since I was a teenager and I was simply blown away by the layers of truth it has in it, mixed in cleverly with the fictional drama and comedy that adds to the entertainment value of the movie. Every now and then Hollywood releases a movie that seems to have the purpose of sending humanity a message. One such well known example is ‘The Matrix’, starring Keanu Reaves, and The Truman Show appears to also be one of those movies.
The Truman Show stars Jim Carrey (a very spiritual and truth seeking man in his own right) who plays Truman Burbank, the unaware star of a reality T.V. program that is aired to the world 24/7 from the fictional town of Seahaven.The life Truman lives is incredibly contrived, monotonous, and artificial. Each day he goes to the same job, has the same goals, sees the same people, says the same things and wears the same clothes. Truman however never questions this existence simply for the fact that it is all that he has ever known.

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It is without a doubt in my mind that the makers of this film were attempting to send each viewer a message that says “what has happened to Truman in this movie is exactly what the matrix you live in has done to you!!”

Let’s look at some of the aspects of Truman’s life in this movie and how they relate to the artificial matrix we all live in, particularly those of us living in western influenced countries.

Truman is conditioned deeply to live a very specific and pre-determined life that consists of;
1) Going to school.
2) Going to college/university.
3) Getting a “good well-paying desk job” because that is the job that “people would die for” as his friend Marlon tells him in the movie.
4) Purchasing a nice home in the suburbs, getting a nice car, and wearing nice designer clothes.
5) Paying taxes and being a good “well-behaved citizen”.
6) Never questioning authority.
6) Never traveling, exploring or having fun because of “important” bills and other obligations
7) Make money and working a job his entire life because “money is what makes the world go around”.
8) Get married, have kids, and live happily ever after, while also conditioning his children to live the same life that he has lived.

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In general, this is exactly how we are deeply programmed to believe how our lives within this matrix must be lived, and many never ever question this. Of course if someone followed this life plan because it made their heart sing with joy then that is fantastic. However many follow it and suppress their true desires mostly because it has been conditioned into them, as well as being driven by the fear of what others think.Thankfully however, many people are waking up to the ludicrous limitations these conditioned beliefs and pre-determined life stages can place upon us.

“The world appears to be so bewilderingly complex that most people find it impossible to make sense of it. Instead they give up, switch off and concede their potential uniqueness to the tramlines of programmed convention. Most don’t even try to make sense of it. They leave the womb and head for the tram station, encouraged by a global system specifically designed to hijack their sense of self and reality, and by parents who had the same done to them long ago. The blind led by the partially sighted.”David Icke

The above life is systematically and cleverly conditioned deep into Truman’s mind using a number of different tools. These include;
1) Send Truman to Pre-school and Primary school at a very young age before he has the ability to question anything whereby he is told how the world works, and how he must live within it, and he is also told a fake and made-up history about the town and world that he lives in.

2) His family, friends, and everyone in his society are placed into his world and are well drilled to act as feedback loops to reinforce the fake reality that has been conditioned into Truman. They do this by encouraging him to go to school, get a job, get married, not to travel, and they constantly shut down and ridicule any “outside of the box” thinking or different ideas Truman might have.

3) The makers of the Truman show deliberately create traumatic childhood events that scar Truman emotionally and prevent him from having the courage to take certain risks. One example is that the Truman show makers staged his father’s death by having him drown in the ocean when Truman was just a child, and they made sure Truman witnessed the death with his own eyes. As a result, Truman becomes extremely fearful of water and any sort of travelling. Through this trauma the show makers successfully induced a Stockholm syndrome within Truman, whereby he becomes deeply afraid of leaving his captivity despite his growing awareness of how it is enslaving him.
The makers of the show even use Truman’s mother to cleverly suggest in conversations throughout Truman’s life that the death of his father was his fault, leaving Truman with deep feelings of guilt, shame, angst and feelings of obligation to stay home and look after his mother.

4) Along with these childhood traumas, the makers of the Truman show cleverly use well staged fear attacks such as nuclear spills to encourage Truman to stay home and be “safe”, and avoid the “dangerous” outside world. All of this fear and every other cleverly orchestrated belief system is conditioned into Truman’s mind through daily bombardment of Television news programs, newspapers, movies, sitcoms, radio, and of course everyone in Truman’s life. All of these outlets are completely controlled by the makers of the show, much like how the elites of our world pummel fear propaganda and drama down our minds from a very young through Hollywood and their privately owned mainstream media outlets.

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Whenever Truman begins to question things or “thinks outside the box”, the people in the society he lives in try in every way to shut those thoughts down and make him feel “crazy” for thinking differently.

This is exactly what happens in our society, and has happened for many thousands of years, whereby when someone comes along and challenges everyone’s beliefs of what is “normal”, they are often ridiculed and condemned and made to feel crazy, or even murdered. Here in Australia there is a phenomena known as the ‘tall poppy syndrome’, which seems to have embedded itself into our culture. The ‘tall poppy syndrome’ relates to how no one likes a poppy plant to grow any taller than the rest, and therefore will cut it back down to size. Humans achieve this (especially here in Australia) by ridiculing. shaming, judging, bullying, and gossiping about anyone who attempts to do anything extraordinary or ‘out of the box’. This develops a culture of ‘sheep herding the sheep’, and everyone being afraid to act out of line.

Towards the end of the movie, Truman catches on to the fact that literally everyone is in on the scam and that he can trust no one and must free himself on his own. He even has to come to terms with the fact that even his mother, wife, and best friends are all in on the deception and are agents of the system.

Whilst this is not necessarily true in our world as most people at least have a handful of people that they can fully trust. We must all be extremely discerning regarding whom we take advice from and whom we allow to guide us, as nearly everyone (and yes that can mean our parents and family) has been deeply conditioned by the matrix western culture and therefore (mostly unconsciously) will attempt to guide us from their matrix conditioned framework. This can lead us to become even more entrenched and controlled within the matrix.

This is also symbolic of the journey each of us is on. We are often waiting for someone or something to come “save” us, however, we will never truly become free until we take responsibility and realise that it is only us that can liberate ourselves from manipulation and control. We can only do this by embarking on a spiritual journey of sincere inner-work, awakening to our true infinite essence and perceiving the world beyond the conditioned ego construct and personality masks that we hide behind. Allowing the spirit of each person to develop and reveal its gifts to the world.

Despite The Truman Show being one of the top rated shows in the world, there are still people who are outraged by the manipulation and enslavement placed upon Truman. An example of this is Truman’s first love in the movie, Sylvia. Sylvia, who once played a part in the show, develops a conscience and becomes an activist and the leader of the “Free Truman” campaign.

This is exactly how it is in our “real world” whereby millions of people just accept injustices to humans, animals and the planet, however, there are always a minority of people standing up for what they believe is right. These people are routinely promoted in the media as being “radical”, which is a clever ploy from the system to stop them from having a big impact, by making them seem “extreme” and even “dangerous” to the status quo.
The ironic thing however is that the character, Sylvia, in this movie is standing up for Truman, but at the same time probably does not recognise the manipulation that is being done to her by the elites in her world as well. This is exactly how it is for activists in our world, they are happy to stand up for others or for animals, but meekly accept the rules, regulations, and limitations that have been imposed upon them. With many people, activism can even develop into a form of avoidance of their own inner shadow (including their fears & suppressed traumas) by instead projecting their focus externally, and believing it is up to them alone to “save the world”.

The town where Truman lives is a completely artificially designed town that exists within a huge dome in Hollywood, with thousands of cameras monitoring every second of Truman’s life from every angle.

We now live in a world whereby Hollywood and the mainstream media have a massive influence over how we perceive the world, and we too have thousands of cameras monitoring just about everything we do. We have even had the appearance of television programs appear over the last 10 years such as ‘Big brother’ where people are placed within a house and filmed 24/7 by cameras – very similar to the Truman show. Is this a ploy by the elites to condition our minds into believing that a world of intense surveillance is normal? We must not brush possibilities like this aside for the mainstream media is completely owned and controlled by the elites.
Our world of surveillance is only going to get worse as cameras get smaller and better developed and as more and more satellites are placed into orbit, and modern life will more and more resemble the eerie world depicted in George Orwell’s prophetic book ‘1984’.

The makers of the Truman show are able to artificially manipulate the weather, and they frequently use this to support their agenda of keeping Truman enslaved, nearly killing him in the end by creating a powerful storm whilst Truman is trying to escape.

It is now well known that the matrix controllers can in fact influence earth’s weather patterns and potentially create major weather disasters. They do this through the constant dumping of ‘chem-trails’ into our skies, as well as through what’s known as HAARP technology. Here is an informative website on these topics.

The control center whereby Truman is closely monitored and watched by the show’s creators appears to Truman as a moon.

Now this is something that might sound completely out there, but if anyone was to read the book titled “Who built the moon” by best-selling author, Christopher Knight, and Alan Butler, they will no doubt be shocked by the unexplained anomalies and mysteries that surround our moon. I don’t have a strong opinion on this subject but more just found it quite fascinating, and it seems unlikely that the Truman Show movie, which is layered with an incredible amount of truth, would write this into their script for no reason.

Here is an extract from the book’s website;
“This appears to be a quite ludicrous statement. How could we know the Moon is not a natural planet? The answer is that we know because it is too big, yet too light in mass; it is in the strangest position imaginable relative to the Sun and the Earth and it behaves in the most incredible way every month. What is more, it carries a whole series of quite specific messages that tell us it is an ‘engineered’ object.
It’s an odds on certainty (for a whole host of reasons) that if it were not for the Moon I could not be writing these words or you reading them – simply because none of us would be here. The Moon is as old as the Earth and it has definitely been orbiting the Earth almost right from the start, so it can’t be a captured asteroid but although it’s made of the same ‘stuff’ as the Earth, it only contains carefully selected bits of that stuff.
The Moon’s surface is covered with gravitational anomalies that can’t be easily explained and it could well be hollow at the center (which all scientists who know about these things say should be impossible.) The Moon is a deliberately created scale model of the Sun and it presently stands at a distance from the Sun and from the Earth, which is totally outrageous in terms of the mathematical and physical results.
In fact there is very little about the Moon that isn’t odd and which doesn’t seem wrong for something that came into existence by chance. I don’t expect you to believe what I say just because I am saying it. I want to prove to you that the Moon was deliberately and extremely carefully engineered to do a host of jobs for the Earth.”

In this movie, the Truman reality show is watched by millions of people in the “real world” who unknowingly are being programmed by this show in similar ways as Truman is being programmed by his controllers. Using the Truman show as a programming tool, Hollywood is telling/conditioning the outside world how to live, what to wear, where to work, what to buy, when to get married, and a thousand other subtle things.

This is very similar to our “real world” whereby millions of people watch reality T.V. shows, such as the Kardashians, and Jersey shore, only to be conditioned by these shows as to how they should be living and acting. Not everyone falls for this conditioning, but a large majority does, especially the younger and more impressionable generations. So far these programs (hint – why are they called ‘programs’?), along with the rise of social media have develop a widespread culture of narcissism, ego, and self obsessiveness.

Finally, Truman eventually becomes so committed to his cause of obtaining freedom from his captivity that he is literally willing to die for it. As a result of this commitment, his captors eventually have to admit that there is nothing they can do to stop him at this point.

This is so true for life and the artificial matrix we live in, because it is only when we are completely committed and even willing to die for what we believe in that the world begins to take us seriously and gets out of our way.

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