The following is an extract from my book ‘Free Range Humans – Understanding the Matrix Control System & Awakening Your True Self‘.

Article content:
– Different factions of Negative Hostile Forces (Aliens and Occult Entities)
– How Occult entities function as parasites within our minds, manipulating us in order to feed on our life force energy.
– A look at the types of people that entities particularly like to target.
– The role dark entities play in our evolution.
– How to become aware of entity attacks, and how to protect ourselves against future attacks.
– Common entity attack strategies.
– The Auric field – our natural defence. How entities seek to weaken our auric field and how we can strengthen it.

The Different Factions of Negative Hostile Forces

Research has revealed that there exist two main factions of the NHF’s (Negative Hostile Forces) who farm and feed off our lifeforce energy. The first faction is the ones that the Sumerians appeared to be referring to on their ancient tablets. These are higher density beings who can more easily project into our density and appear as physical beings, and are the ones who mostly control the Cabal and the Cult. It is widely believed that when in our density, many of these beings live and operate within deep underground military bases, commonly known as “DUMBs”, where they run their human farming operation from. Countless abduction reports have revealed that when in their physical form they appear as reptilian-like beings, Greys, Nordic human-like beings, and mantid insect-like beings. The Mantid beings appear to be on the very top of the negative control hierarchy, with the Reptilians not far below on the pecking order. The Greys appear to be an artificially created robotic-like race, designed to serve the agenda of the Mantids and Reptilians in particular. These beings can also take possession of another person’s body, especially if that person is a psychopath and therefore does not have a true Spirit occupying the body. What this means is that the members of the Cabal and their puppet leaders that we see on the world stage most often do not have a human soul or essence as we know it. Instead, their bodies are driven and controlled by much more negative and sinister beings, and these beings simply use them to mask their true identity and escape detection.

1: Occult Entities

The second faction of NHF’s is what are known as “occult entities”, “demons”, or “mind parasites”. These are purely non-physical beings who could be considered the vultures or bottom feeders of the density above ours, that being Fourth Density.
What is similar in both factions is that the lifeforce energy of humans appears to be a particularly valuable food source for them and is their prime interest in us. Although the more physical beings also appear to be interested in other human resources such as our genetics, as well as Earth’s valuable metals such as gold, platinum, and silver. In terms of extracting our lifeforce energy, the strategies utilised are different for each faction. The more physical NHF’s relish consuming lifeforce energy in its purely energetic form, but can also consume it physically, such as in the form of human blood. The catch is that the blood must come from someone who is in a state of terror as it is extracted, as supposedly the adrenalin from the fear that enters into the blood is extremely nourishing to them. It is suspected that this blood is what is extracted in highly sadistic and secretive satanic rituals that occur within the Cabal circles and many of the upper levels of the Cult. Often these rituals utilise children, for supposedly the lifeforce energy of children is particularly pure and nourishing for these predators. This is why paedophilia and child-trafficking are rampant among the upper levels of the Cult, something that is becoming more well-known even among the general public. The famous late director Stanley Kubrick appeared to have been attempting to expose these secret Cult societies and their satanic rituals in his final ever film Eyes Wide Shut. Supposedly, the executives at Warner Bros demanded that 25 minutes of the film be removed, but Kubrick refused. Just four days later Kubrick died from an apparent “heart attack”, and after his death the requested cuts were made just before the film’s release. Clearly, what was cut from the film was very revealing, as the film was revealing enough even in its edited version.

In terms of how these more physical NHF’s extract our lifeforce energy in its purely energetic form, abduction reports have uncovered them causing deliberate suffering to their victims and then lapping up the resulting energetic loosh with technological devices. Therefore, it appears they rely more upon technology to obtain their food, but how they do this on a large scale is up for debate. It has been theorised that they place cloaked ships or technological devices near areas of high suffering such as war zones, hospitals, funerals, and even sports stadiums. Sport has been turned into such a big spectacle within the Cult because the NHF’s relish the emotionally charged energy from big sporting events, particularly the despair of the losing team. This is why they created the blood sports back in the days of the Romans, which is something they would still do publicly today if they could get away with it.

Occult entities (OE’s), being purely non-physical, do not require physical food, meaning that they also do not require technology to obtain their food. Instead, they interfere with our thoughts and emotions and induce negative emotional states which they can feed off directly, and in this regard, they are true mind parasites. Tom Montalk explains how this occurs: “As living human beings, we have not only physical bodies, but also etheric and astral bodies. The latter two comprise the soul. (Spirit is the seat of consciousness beyond the soul, and the soul acts as interface between spirit and body.) The more sentient OE’s inhabit the astral plane in their native, weakened, or dormant state. There, they can affect us mentally and emotionally because our astral body extends into the astral plane. More specifically, it is the parts of our astral body that ‘vibrate’ at ‘their level’ that are amenable to their influence, which is why indulging in dark emotions, obsessions, and base passions increases one’s vulnerability to their occult manoeuvres.
“If an OE also acquires sufficient etheric energy, it can then condense for itself an etheric body and inhabit the etheric environment, meaning it then establishes a localized presence near the physical plane. At that point a clairvoyant can sense its presence in a certain part of a room, for instance. And if it gathers even more energy, it may even begin affecting things physically as seen in the poltergeist phenomenon. But if the OE grows too weak, it loses its grip on physicality and delocalizes back into the astral plane.”

2: Predators of the Astral and Etheric Planes

OE’s could be likened to the sharks of the astral and etheric planes, who circle around looking for their next prey. Being evil and demonic entities, they are vibrating on a level that is in harmony with suffering, cruelty, terror, and fear, and therefore, they are quite selective with who they target, preferring victims vulnerable to these states. People who emit these types of energies are similar to someone floating in the ocean whilst bleeding, which always attracts predators. However, OE’s find us very difficult to detect when we are emitting positive emotional frequencies such as love, joy, and gratitude, when we think empowering thoughts, and when our bodies are clean and healthy. As a result, OE’s will either hunt for prey that is more likely to provide them with the negative loosh they are after, or they will attempt to gradually lower someone’s vibrational frequency through a series of attacks so that they become more vulnerable.

Montalk explains that, “Prime targets include:
• Those who have been spiritually weakened by heavy drug or alcohol abuse.
• Those whose minds and souls have been fractured by trauma.
• The emotionally neurotic who are easily spooked.
• The psychically sensitive who are by definition more perceptive and responsive to, and thus manipulable by, the OE’s audio, visual, and kinesthetic telepathic projections.”

Once they latch onto a target, the OE’s exploit our traumas and emotionally vulnerable points by implanting thoughts of paranoia and insecurity into our minds, as well as inducing feelings of fear, depression, sadness, low energy, loneliness, insignificance, shame, anxiety, and temptations. An ideal outcome for the OE is to also lure us into engaging in self-destructive habits such as drug or alcohol abuse. This lowers our willpower and natural defences, making us more vulnerable to further attacks and exploitation. In fact, hijacking our habit circuits is one of their prime strategies, because they understand that we tend to be ruled by our daily habits. Being ruled by habits is not always a negative thing, for some people are ruled by positive habits, but if an OE can convert our daily habits into routines of self-sabotaging addictions, then they can begin controlling us like a puppet on a string. They also often use our natural sexual desires to tempt us to engage in promiscuous sex with strangers, as the act of sex can allow them to jump from body to body. This is especially the case if we engage in sex whilst intoxicated with drugs and alcohol, as the drugs lower our natural defences.

Overall, their primary goal is to create as much suffering within us as possible, which nourishes them with our lifeforce energy and builds their strength, but their end goal is a complete takeover (possession) of mind and body. Once a possession takes place, the OE can take our body around like a stolen car and wreak the maximum amount of havoc possible. Those people who are under the grips of deep addiction, paranoia, schizophrenia and depression, and who have constant voices in their heads, are most likely controlled if not fully possessed by an OE. This is why it is so difficult to reach people in these states because the real “them” is sadly enslaved within their own body. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and courage on our behalf if we wish to free ourselves from this position.
Unfortunately, many do not make it, as OE’s also love to coax their victims into suicide, and they often succeed in doing so. This is advantageous for them, as suicide creates immense suffering in the victims’ loved ones, which generates a banquet of food. The OE may lose its vehicle, but it had probably already drained its victim completely dry of his lifeforce energy anyway, and gained significant strength in the process. It can now simply hunt for a new victim.

A retired psychiatrist named Jerry Marzinsky has begun speaking publicly about his decades of experiences of working with schizophrenic patients in prisons and psychiatric hospitals. Marzinsky always assumed that the voices his patients heard in their heads were paranoid hallucinations. However, over time, Marzinsky began realising that these voices were in fact real, and were coming from demonic entities who were controlling and feeding off these people. Marzinsky’s fascinating story can be heard on a podcast show titled The Cosmic Matrix Podcast with Marzinsky appearing on Episode 16, titled “Jerry Marzinsky—Schizophrenia, entities, and mental illness”.

3: A Game of Stealth

OE’s primarily work through the blind spots that operate in our shadow, as their main objective is to go unnoticed whilst they carefully gain more and more control over our mind and body. If we knew they existed within our minds like parasites, we would be disgusted and resist their attacks. This is what inspired the legend of vampires, as just like OE’s, vampires operate in the darkness, and in fact, vampires perish when they come into contact with sunlight. This is analogous to how OE’s tend to immediately withdraw when we spot them and shine the light of our awareness onto them. The exceptions for this are when they have gained considerable strength and have taken possession of a body.
OE’s remain hidden by planting thoughts and feelings of paranoia, fear, anxiety, and temptation into our mind and body that closely mimic our own style of thoughts and feelings, causing us to assume that they are our own. These thoughts and feelings are also carefully designed to trigger painful childhood wounds and Cult conditioning, producing powerful emotions that further cloud our judgment. As a result, we do not detect the predator in our midst and continue mechanically responding to these thoughts and feelings without discernment. The primary goal here for the OE is to have their target identify with these externally injected thoughts and feelings as if they are their own; this then produces the desired reaction and emotional state. For example, if we identify with an OE-injected thought of paranoia or insecurity, this will likely produce states of anxiety and fear. These states then produce the nourishing food that the OE’s lap up. This not only strengthens the OE’s, allowing them to attack us with even more power in the future, but it also weakens us in the process, causing us to become even more vulnerable to further attacks. As mentioned, once we find ourselves in this situation, with our lifeforce energies sapped and willpower weakened, and being controlled by an OE who grows stronger with every attack, escape is very difficult. This is especially the case if the OE has lured us into a variety of addictions.

Typically, only a person with immense will power and desire to be free can unravel themselves from this situation.
If a person in this situation begins displaying signs of strength and resistance, the OE’s, desperate not to lose a valuable source of food, will ferociously attack them in order to put them back in their place. The goal here is to pummel their victim into submission by attacking their every attempt to raise themselves up, eroding their self confidence in the process. Jerry Marzinsky witnessed firsthand how they did this to his patients. He explains that whenever his patients resisted the OE’s commands, the OE’s would attack them by implanting thoughts in their minds, such as telling them how pathetic they are, how nobody cares about them, how everyone thinks they’re crazy, and how everything they do is worthless and will end in failure. The OE’s would rely upon Marzinsky’s patients identifying with these thoughts as if they were their own, which would cause them to become dejected and give up in their efforts of resistance.
Whilst OE’s are attacking us, to further guarantee evading our detection, they can place a fog over our mind, ensuring that we can no longer think with any clarity. They also attempt to keep us distracted by the outer world so that we rarely if ever point our attention to our inner world where they reside. And they also rely on our collective assumption that the mind is a place of privacy and that nothing else can enter in there. Because most of us assume this to be true and never consider otherwise, we are never vigilant about observing and protecting our minds from external intrusions.

Highly respected philosopher Rudolf Steiner spoke at length about these beings, and over 100 years ago explained that, “There are beings in the spiritual realms for whom anxiety and fear emanating from human beings offer welcome food. When humans have no anxiety and fear, then these creatures starve. People not yet sufficiently convinced of this statement could understand it to be meant comparatively only. But for those who are familiar with this phenomenon, it is a reality. If fear and anxiety radiate from people and they break out in panic, then these creatures find welcome nutrition and they become more and more powerful. These beings are hostile towards humanity.
“Everything that feeds on negative feelings, on anxiety, fear and superstition, despair or doubt, are in reality hostile forces in supersensible worlds, launching cruel attacks on human beings, while they are being fed. Therefore, it is above all necessary to begin with that the person who enters the spiritual world overcomes fear, feelings of helplessness, despair and anxiety. But these are exactly the feelings that belong to contemporary culture and materialism; because it estranges people from the spiritual world, it is especially suited to evoke hopelessness and fear of the unknown in people, thereby calling up the above-mentioned hostile forces against them.”

OE’s particularly like to target those who are on the edge of an evolutionary leap of consciousness, meaning those who are becoming Spiritually embodied. They also seem to target those with high intelligence and who have a particular talent for inspiring and leading others. The reason for this is twofold. One, people of this nature typically have a high level of lifeforce energy emanating from them, and therefore, if they can become corrupted, they produce a particularly nourishing source of food. Secondly, these types of people are typically those who inspire others and help humanity as a collective experience evolutionary breakthroughs and leaps in consciousness. These are the people who produce breakthroughs in art, literature, philosophy, science, and leadership, all of which can catalyse a species to rapidly evolve. This type of evolution is the last thing that the OE’s want, for if humanity evolves in consciousness, then our awareness will expand and we will begin perceiving them. This means that we will be much better prepared to protect ourselves and they will lose their food source. For this reason, OE’s will attack and try to corrupt those who may have the potential to ignite
an evolutionary leap forward in our species, and will seek to vector them away from their true potential.

Author Paul Levy explains that, “These psychic vampires seek out people who are on the verge of a quantum, evolutionary leap in consciousness, but have not yet fully integrated their realizations and stabilized themselves in the higher, more coherent level of consciousness that they are beginning to access. These individuals are in an energetically sensitive and ‘charged’ condition, and their openness and vulnerability invites these vampiric entities to gorge on the light of their prey’s expanding awareness, thereby preventing them from having enough energy to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. Like moths attracted to the light of a flame, these darker forces are particularly attracted to people who are actively engaged in consciousness raising activities, seeking truth, and speaking out about it with the intention of helping to awaken others.
“Whenever anyone would get too close to discovering their ploy, these parasitic entities would try—through their connections to the person’s unconscious mind—to disorient them, diverting them from their path. For example, as we are on the verge of having a transformative and elusive insight, we might get distracted and fail to write it down, thereby not anchoring it to consciousness, and then afterwards forget—and lose—what we had realized. Or we might find ourselves, as we get close to seeing the covert psychological operations of the mind parasites, experiencing our unhealed trauma getting re-evoked, making us feel anxious or afraid. Or, as we begin to see through the subterfuge of these mind parasites, we might start feeling a lot of pain, which can easily cause us to dis-associate (i.e., split), resulting in moving away from our discovery of the mind parasites. Or we might suddenly have an overwhelming impulse to eat, or drink, or go for a walk—anything that would take us away from being present with what is happening in that moment. Or, as we begin to discover the light within ourselves, instead of cultivating an ever-deepening relationship with the radiance we find within, we might fall for the ruse of the mind parasites and identify with the light instead, becoming inflated and grandiose, thinking we are someone special. The mind parasites are masters of deception, tricksters par excellence. Though this can sound like the ravings of a paranoid madman, it is actually the opposite—a clear-sighted articulation of what we are up against.

If we display traits of being particularly strong-willed, the OE’s will attempt to break down our will power bit by bit, like an axeman chopping down a giant tree. They do this by constantly applying points of pressure upon our shadow wounds and vulnerabilities, especially things such as our unresolved traumas, cravings, desires, and addictions. The pressure they apply can range from being uncomfortable to nearly unbearable, and the intensity largely depends upon how vulnerable the weak point is and how strong our willpower is.
For example, if we are in the midst of a battle with an addiction, then our willpower will be low and the pressure applied by the OE’s to succumb to this addiction will feel deeply uncomfortable and difficult to resist. If, however, we consistently refuse to succumb to our addiction and our willpower grows in strength, then the OE attacks become more artful and subtle. For example, rather than tempt us back into our old addiction, they will instead try to tempt us into doing something that seems innocent and harmless, but which they intend to be a stepping stone to more self-destructive behaviours down the track. An example of this is someone who had addiction issues with recreational drugs. This person may have been clean for a while and has developed a strong will, and therefore cannot be easily lured back to his old drug habits. Therefore, the OE’s will tempt him into something that seems innocent such as having a few drinks at a bar. Once intoxicated, his willpower will be lowered, which means the OE’s can then lure him back to his old addictions more easily.

4: Common OE Attack Strategies

OE’s particularly like tempting us to use drugs and alcohol, because they cause our willpower and vibrational frequency to become lowered, making us more visible and vulnerable. On top of this, drugs and alcohol disembody us, especially when we are heavily intoxicated, which means our body basically becomes an empty vehicle that an OE can take for a joyride. This is especially the case in crowded bars and clubs where OE’s can jump from body to body. Most people have likely had experiences where they have been so intoxicated that they can’t remember what occurred, and in which they also committed embarrassing actions that they otherwise would never have done. This is because something “else” took over in those periods of unconsciousness. Alternatively, many people have experienced being so intoxicated that it appeared as if they were possessed, and this is because they most likely were.
OE’s also like to strike when we are fatigued and emotionally overwhelmed, as this is when our defences are down. For this reason, they often target us in our dreams by inducing nightmares or by planting certain negative commands into our subconscious mind. This causes us to have broken and poor-quality sleeps, leaving us drained and vulnerable during the day. If we ever awaken in the morning feeling sad, depressed, and/or exhausted, despite having slept for our normal length of time, it is likely that we were targeted in our sleep.
OE’s may even appear in our dreams as angelic beings in order to be more easily accepted and trusted, as this is one of their favourite and most well utilised deceptions. Many psychics, clairvoyants, and channelers, who are communicating with and passing on messages from higher density entities, are commonly deceived by this. They may believe that they are communicating with positive beings such as angels or highly evolved spirits, but are in fact more often than not communicating with OE’s in disguise. OE’s can also appear as visions to people under the influence of psychedelics such as Ayahuasca or LSD, once again posing themselves as angelic beings. If we fall for these deceptions, we will invite them into our lives, and they begin a series of more serious and harmful attacks. For this reason, we must always remain vigilant and remember that these beings are the masters of deception.

One of Sri Aurobindo’s top students, who went by the name of Satprem, shares a relevant quote regarding the OE’s: “They are highly conscious forces whose sole aim, apparently, is to discourage the seeker and divert him from the path he has chosen. The first sign of their presence is easily perceptible: joy is clouded, consciousness is clouded, everything becomes shrouded in an atmosphere of melodrama and gloom. Personal distress is a sure sign of the enemy’s presence. Melodrama is a favorite haunt of these forces; that is how they are able to create the greatest havoc, because they play with a very old teammate within us, who cannot help loving melodrama even as he cries out for relief. First, they generally make a point of forcing us into sudden, extreme, and irrevocable decisions in order to take us as far away as possible from our path – a pressing, exacting vibration that demands immediate compliance; or else, they take apart, with remarkable skill, the whole system of our quest to prove that we are deluding ourselves and that our efforts will come to nothing; more often, they bring about a state of depression, playing with another well-known teammate within us whom Sri Aurobindo calls the man of sorrows: a fellow . . . covering himself with a sevenfold overcoat of tragedy and gloom, and he would not feel his existence justified if he couldn’t be colossally miserable. All the vibrations of disorder that we call “our” sorrow or “our” troubles have the immediate result of weakening or disintegrating our protective “field of snow,” (our ‘aura’, Authors note) which means that the door is wide open to the adverse forces. They have a thousand and one ways of attacking us – for we are indeed under attack – and the more determined we are, the more relentless they become. This may seem like an exaggeration but only one who has never tried to make progress would doubt it. As long as we move with the common herd, life is relatively easy, with its moderate ups and downs; but the moment we want to get out of the rut, a thousand forces rise up, suddenly very interested that we should behave “like everyone else,” then we realize how well organized the imprisonment is.
These adverse forces have been given all sorts of devilish and “negative” names through the world’s spiritual history, as if their sole aim were to damn the seeker and give decent people a hard time.
The method for dealing with these adverse forces is the same as for the other vibrations: silence, inner stillness that lets the storm blow over. We may not succeed the first time in dissolving these attacks, but more and more they will seem to take place on the surface of our being; we may be shaken, upset, yet deep down we will feel the “Witness” in us, unscathed and unaffected – he is never affected. We fall and get back up again, each time becoming stronger. The only sin is discouragement.”

As mentioned earlier, the most nourishing and powerful food OE’s (and all NHF’s for that matter) can obtain is the loosh derived from children. Supposedly, once we go through puberty, our lifeforce energy undergoes vibrational changes that makes it less potent for the OE’s, although it is still highly nourishing. This is why OE’s particularly like to possess the bodies of people who are in positions of power and who have direct access to children. This is why there are so many allegations and convictions of child rape and paedophilia within institutions such as the Church and Hollywood, among many other industries. Many examples of this have been hitting the mainstream media in recent times, and yet what we have heard is only the tip of the iceberg compared to some of the unimaginably dark and evil things that are occurring. Many such dark happenings will eventually be brought into the light for all to see, which is what must occur in order to trigger a large-scale Spiritual embodiment process within humanity.

5: The Human Auric Field – Our Natural Defence

In order to make their attacks effective, an OE must first ensure that they can penetrate our auric field, which is a naturally occurring EM (electromagnetic) field that surrounds our body, protecting us from psychic attacks. This is similar to how the skin protects us from allowing unwanted parasites into the body. In a healthy individual, with all the natural conditions of health being met, the auric field should be strong and provide adequate protection. This is why OE’s tempt us into habits that damage our auric field, such as abusing drugs, alcohol, junk foods, and experiencing chronic stress. Once our auric field has been damaged, OE’s can then penetrate through and impose a heavier influence over our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and begin controlling us like a puppet on strings. The Cult supports this process of damaging our auric field by engineering an environment wherein we are relentlessly bombarded by toxins and stress. The NHF-controlled Cabal have achieved this by putting fluoride with its heavy metal contaminants in the public water supply, creating addictive junk and genetically modified foods, normalising the regular consumption of alcohol, stimulants, and drugs, poisoning the air with chemtrails, treating us with pharmaceuticals disguised as “medicines”, injuring the still developing nervous system in children with toxic vaccines, and creating a highly competitive and economically driven culture, just to name a few of many such examples. The next big threat to the human auric field that is just around the corner is the rollout of the 5G wireless Internet grid, which will permanently bathe humanity in highly potent radiation.

The following is a list of some key requirements, from a mental, spiritual, and physical perspective, that support a healthy and strong mind, body, and auric field, thus largely protecting us against attacks from both the semi-physical and non-physical NHF’s. The NHF’s also understand these requirements and that is why they have created an artificial environment (the Cult) that has successfully attacked and corrupted each and every one of them. Therefore, it is crucial that we take it upon ourselves to ensure that these key areas are sufficiently met within our personal lives to the best of our ability. This is a great task that may take many years to accomplish, and requires supreme efforts, determination, courage, and focus. What must also be understood is that the goal here is not perfection, but balance. The reality is that by the time most of us awaken, there will already have been damage caused to our body and auric field as a result of being subjected to a lifetime of NHF attacks and Cult based programming. The amount of damage we have suffered will determine the amount of effort required to regain our full health and strength, which of course will vary greatly from person to person. Luckily, however, Nature has endowed us with a highly durable and resilient body and auric field.
This means that unless the damage is too deep and irreversible, full health and strength can nearly always be regenerated as long as the right conditions are provided.

These key requirements are;

• Not being exposed to poisons in the mother’s womb whilst a developing foetus, which requires a non-drug using and generally healthy mother.
• A natural birthing process free from traumas such as circumcision and vaccinations.
• A diet of healthy mother’s milk for as long as necessary, until natural wholefoods can be digested.
• A childhood free from significant emotional and physical traumas.
• A close and tight-knit family unit that supports and loves each other.
• A significant amount of attention, emotional nurturing, and physical touch as a child.
• Copious amounts of unbridled time to play and explore Nature as a child.
• Plenty of solitude as a child (and adult) in order to begin to understand and know oneself.
• Clean and natural water free from fluoride and heavy metals.
• Adequate amounts of sunshine and fresh air, and regular sunbathing over the entire nude body. The sun is crucial in maintaining a healthy and strong body and auric field, which is why the sun has been so demonised by the Cult. The Cabal are even trying to block out the sun via what they call ‘geoengineering’.
• A nourishing diet consisting of wholefoods free from chemical pesticides and grown in rich, fertile soil, as well as meat and animal products that have been either wild caught or raised in natural pastures and have not received added hormones and chemicals.
• Daily exercising and stretching.
• Daily doses of grounding in Nature, with the bare feet touching the earth.
• Daily meditation, with a particular focus on embodiment practises.
• A social environment that encourages one to pursue creative passions with unbridled enthusiasm.
• A social environment that does not breed stress and anxiety, and does not invade privacy.
• Freedom from all addictions.
• Adequate daily rest and sleep, free from the influence of the EMF pollution that emanates from wireless technologies.
• A close-knit social community and tribe that supports and provides emotional healing and nurturing to each other.
• An education that includes a deep study of Nature and how to be resourceful within it, such as finding water, growing food, building shelter, building community, etc.
• An education that includes a study and understanding of the spiritual realms and the different beings that inhabit them, as well as a study of all of the topics raised in this book.

6: Self-Vigilance

On top of the requirements just mentioned, another key to protecting ourselves from OE attacks is by learning to become vigilant in observing the inner mechanisms of our mind. This is in contrast to being constantly distracted by the happenings of the external world, which is what the OE’s want. By doing this, we can learn to discern which thoughts and feelings are truly ours and which have been externally injected into us. This can be difficult at first, but with practise and by awakening Spirit, it becomes easier and more natural. One tell-tale sign that a thought and feeling is not our own is by the suddenness that it strikes us with. An external injection will feel like an attack, as it will come on suddenly and without any warning. It may manifest as a sudden bout of anxiety, fear, or even anger toward another person. Or it may manifest as an intense feeling of depression, doubt, paranoia, and insecurity about our self. Again, what the OE hopes for in these circumstances is for us to become identified with the injected thought or feeling, and therefore react mechanically to it. In the case of anxiety or depression, the OE hopes for us to reach for a coping mechanism such as a drug, or to binge eat junk food, which then lowers our willpower and auric field, making us vulnerable to further attacks. Or, in the case of being injected with anger toward another person, the OE hopes for us to project that anger and then initiate a conflict. Or, in the case of paranoia and self-doubt, the OE hopes that we will start belittling ourselves, which will lower our self-confidence, strength, and willpower, again making us more vulnerable to further attacks. Or, the OE may even plant belittling thoughts directly into our minds, in the hope that they will erode our self-belief. The key in these circumstances is to simply observe what we are thinking and feeling without identifying or reacting mechanically.

Eventually, the uncomfortable feelings that the attack triggered within us will begin to fade and then leave. However, if we identify and respond mechanically to these thoughts and feelings, such as projecting our anger onto another person and creating a conflict, it will only serve to draw out our suffering. As well, being merely reactive signals to the OE’s that we are vulnerable to attacks, and we then attract more of them into our lives. Learning to maintain self-control and remain neutral when under an OE attack is something that requires will power and a high level of self-awareness, and also takes time and patience. It is a skill that becomes stronger and more resilient overtime, and will likely require a number of failed attempts in order to highlight where our vulnerabilities lie.
Eventually, we can develop our self-awareness and willpower to the point whereby the OE’s largely leave us alone. One key reason for this is that the OE’s must operate from the shadows, as our direct awareness of them appears to repel them. In fact, the way in which they are so desperate to avoid our detection makes one wonder if the light of our awareness is poisonous to them. Regardless, what this means is that the more self-aware we are as a result of shadow work, and the more we vigilantly watch our own mind and are on guard against external attacks, the less space the OE’s have in which to attack.

Although, even if we have largely integrated our shadow, the OE’s do not leave us alone permanently, and their attacks certainly do not cease. This is because no one can be fully self-aware and vigilant at all times, and understanding this, the OE’s wait patiently for their opportunity to strike. This opportunity will come for them as soon as we lose vigilance, which occurs whenever we become mechanical and identified with the ego personality.
Their attacks will also become more cunning and subtle, and they will even resort to attacking us through other people, utilising anyone who is asleep and unconscious as their puppet. For this, they particularly like to utilise those closest to us, such as a romantic partner, close friend, or family members, because the emotional bonds we have with them serve to make the attacks more painful and difficult to cope with. An example of this could be someone who is waking up to the truth about the Cult and OE attacks, but who lives in a family that is still under the spell of the Cult. As she learns to become resilient to OE attacks herself, the OE’s may instead work through her parents and use them as portals to attack her. To initiate these attacks, the OE’s may inject feelings of fear and anger into her parents’ minds regarding the path their daughter is taking, which will likely cause them to project their fear and anger on to her in a way that leads to conflict.

7: Divide & Conquer

OE’s also love to resort to Machiavellian techniques to create conflict between people, and they are exceptionally cunning in how they achieve this. In the example just used, whilst the OE’s are using the parents as portals to attack their daughter, they will also be injecting intense feelings of hurt and rejection into the daughter’s mind. Their goal is to amplify the pain she is feeling from being attacked by the people she thought would support her. This may also cause her to react with anger and create even further conflict. If successful, a banquet of loosh will be produced that the OE’s can feed off, as well causing the daughter to doubt the path of awakening she is taking. The key to protecting oneself in these situations is to develop firm boundaries that others cannot cross, and not to tolerate attacks from anyone, even if they are close family and friends. This is not a suggestion to respond with anger or violence, but simply to stand one’s ground in a calm and measured way. This can be very hard when we are attacked by people that we are emotionally connected to, but what must be remembered is that it is often not truly “them” who are doing the attacking.

Another crucial element of becoming resilient to OE attacks is to resist falling into victim mode. The truth is that OE’s are part of the fabric of reality, and there is nothing “wrong” with them, nor can they be eliminated, for they are performing a specific function given to them by the Great Spirit. They are like the predators and parasites we find here on Earth who have their natural place in the greater wholeness of Nature; but they instead inhabit the lower levels of Fourth density. Through their attacks, the OE’s unwittingly provide us with a beneficial service. This is because as mentioned, the OE’s only attack us through the blind spots that lie hidden within our shadow. This means that each attack serves as an opportunity for us to become aware of something within our shadow that we were previously blind to. Using their attacks as feedback mechanisms, we can utilise them as valuable tools to aid us in our shadow integration and Spiritual embodiment process.

This points to the higher function given to the OE’s by the Great Spirit, which is to help us awaken and become spiritually embodied by highlighting our blind spots with each attack. This service, however, is only available to those who are willing to confront their shadow and take responsibility for their Spiritual embodiment process. If, instead, we remain in victim mode and fall into the trap of shadow projection, we will not learn anything, and will simply attract more attacks. But, if we do learn from the OE attacks and become resistant to them, the lifeforce energy that was previously being manipulated and siphoned from us, instead remains there for us to utilise. This fills us with immense strength and power, allowing us to become even stronger in resisting their attacks, as well as becoming strong enough to support others as well.
Satprem speaks of the higher function of these forces in the following passage, “In reality, as experience shows, these disturbing forces have their place in the universe; they are disturbing only at the scale of our constricted momentary consciousness, and for a specific purpose. Firstly, they always catch us with our defenses down—yet were we firm and one-pointed, they could not shake us for a second. In addition, if we look into ourselves instead of whining and blaming the devil or the world’s wickedness, we find that each of these attacks has exposed one of our many virtuous pretenses…

“For the individual as for the world, these rather ungracious forces are instruments of progress. ‘By what men fall, by that they rise,’ says the Kularnava Tantra in its wisdom. We protest against the apparently useless and arbitrary “catastrophe” that strikes our heart or our flesh, and we blame the ‘Enemy,’ but is it not possible that the soul itself—not the outward mind, but the spirit within has accepted and chosen these things as part of its development in order to get through the necessary experience at a rapid rate, to hew through, durchhauen, even at the risk or the cost of much damage to the outward life and the body? To the growing soul, to the spirit within us, may not difficulties, obstacles, attacks be a means of growth, added strength, enlarged experience, training for spiritual victory?”


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