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A great spiritual awakening, a New Age of consciousness, is occurring on Earth. Many are remembering who we truly are, after having been programmed since birth and imprisoned within the Matrix Control System. Humanity is beginning to realise that nothing on this planet is as it seems, and that we are being farmed for our life force energy by the elite rulers of Earth. They manipulate humanity into endless conflict and strive to rule us with the age-old game of divide and conquer, all as part of their ongoing agenda to enslave us within their technological prison known as the “New World Order”.

Free Range Humans takes the reader deep down the rabbit hole and will make sense of the intense and seemingly random chaos occurring on Earth right now. What is revealed in this book is shocking and is only for those sincerely seeking truth, spiritual growth, personal freedom, and metaphysical understanding.

Join us as we work together to transcend the Matrix Control System and use the great challenges we face as catalysts for the evolution of human consciousness.


                Tom Montalk

Free Range Humans is colossal in its scope and hits the mark straight on. It’s designed to help you attain freedom and happiness in the face of systematic oppression and control.

  Magdalena Anna Jukubiec

I cannot recommend this book enough. 🙏💫
A book written by our dear friend, who has been a massive inspiration and joy in our lives, but also a big big beautiful challenge to constantly seek and explore important questions and answers.
Questions we all have… about what life is, and why does it look the way it does right now.
Always questioning the system, because if its there, in place, its our responsibility to put it under pressure, to test if its genuine, if its there to serve and protect US.

Sometimes spiritual, sometimes ‘down to earth’ but ALWAYS with an open heart and an open mind.
I really wish for many people to read this book… this book is a process, and it could be a great healing process for us as a collective community. To challenge the status quo and read between the lines. To see the good but also realize there is a big shadow.

To realize, that there is more to see, even if not through the eyes, but through the heart and other energy fields.

If all you see is darkness, look again, you may be the LIGHT.

Thank you Matt for always being the LIGHT💫
And a cheeky little fruit loop with some of the best dad jokes around!!!!

                Claire Kenna

Matthew is a courageous and refreshing voice, which our world so desperately needs. Free Range Humans bravely challenges the status quo, and is a must read for all the truth seekers out there.

                Greg Madder

While reading Free Range Humans you can seriously tell the vast depth of Matt’s knowledge as you read every sentence. He brings together incredibly difficult topics and ties them all together in such a reasonable, sequential and relatable way through sharing his own journey. For those of us that are questioning our reality, looking for answers and trying to bring all the missing pieces together in these interesting times, this is the book to read!

            Allen Saakyan

Free Range Humans is an incredible synthesis of science, spirituality, and the nature of reality, absolutely brilliant! Matt pieced together some of the most important discoveries from ancient spiritual teachings to modern day quantum mechanics into an inspirational book about how we can self actualize.

             Andrew Harris

Free range humans is a in-depth, super well written look into the true nature of reality. A book for people who like Neo, feel there is something wrong with the world but can’t quite put their finger on all the reasons why it feels that way. I’ve read dozens of books that cover similar themes/content but Freerange humans is the first one I’ve read that covers all the key areas that are crucial to understand if you want to gain a higher perspective and see the whole picture. Matthew does a great job of making the complex issues and sometimes heavy content, easy to follow and has an interesting style that won’t let you put it down long. 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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