What I believe is happening right now is that the spell that has been placed over us for so long is beginning to lift for many people. This is triggering a process of disillusionment whereby a large amount of people are beginning to awaken and realise that the world is NOTHING like it seems.

However, I also do not think that a grand global awakening is occuring, in fact what I believe is happening is a split within humanity. Whereby those who are awakening are beginning to split away from those who are still under the spell. This polarisation can be particularly seen on social media where people’s world views are becoming more and more conflicted and divided. 

I see where we’re at right now as being a genuine fork in the road in which we must choose which path we will take, and decide which side of this split we want to be a part of. Just like how Morpheus offered Neo the red pill or the blue pill. The red pill means to awaken and become free, the blue pill means to go deeper into the illusion, possibly beyond the point of no return. I also see many still sitting on the fence, afraid to truly commit to which path they will take, however, I don’t think that this will be possible for too much longer.

One of the paths in front of us leads us towards the New World Order that the global elite have been tiptoeing us towards for so long. Ushering us there bit by bit by dividing us on every level, subjecting us to cunning social engineering, as well as their favourite ‘problem-reaction-solution’ technique. Maintaining the masses in a hypnotic trance and collective stockholm syndrome.
This is a world of complete centralisation of power into the hands of the ruling 1%, an intense surveillance based police state, A.I. controlled smart cities, and most notably of transhumansim. 

Transhumanism is currently being sold to us as the “next frontier of human development”. Something that will make us “superhuman” by merging our minds and bodies with A.I. and robotics. In fact, the transhumanists want our body’s merged with A.I. within 10-15 years, and they want our minds merged with what they call the ‘cloud’, within 20-30 years. Some people may not believe this, but the likes of Ray Kurzweill & Elon Musk are literally telling us this publicly to our faces, and I quote them at length in my book.

Transhumanism, in my opinion, will not make us superhuman, but will make us subhuman. In fact I believe it will mean the end of humanity as we know it.

So what is the second path?

This is the path I see many people moving towards now, with a greater sense of urgency, determination, and focus than I’ve ever seen before. This has no doubt been triggered by the intensifying attacks on our freedoms that are currently taking place.

This is a path whereby we fully free ourselves from the spell placed over us and connect back to what it means to be human. How this looks is unique for everyone, but for me it means;

  • connecting back to my true eternal self, beyond the programmed ego shell my society conditions me to identify with.
  • cherishing and nurturing my physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • working towards unity in my family and wider communities.
  • moving towards self sustainability, beginning with growing my own food.
  • reclaiming my inner wholeness through sincere self work, particularly shadow work and embodiment.
  • Rejecting transhumanism and everything it stands for.
  • Exposing the darkness in our world and holding those who seek to exploit others accountable.

As I said, these are just my personal values.

As a collective, however, I see this second path in front of us unfolding as a world whereby I am allowed to be COMPLETELY ME, and you are allowed to be COMPLETELY YOU.

Whereby we acknowledge that whilst we may be different and have different ways of looking at the world, where we align is our mutual respect and honouring of each others personal freedom. This is a world where my soon to be son can grow up and discover who he is without society trying to tell him who he must be, or what he must do, from the moment he is born. Where he’s not subjected to an endless array of insidous mind programming techniques designed to make him utterly obedient to the state and its ruling 1%. A world where he can grow up exploring and cherishing his own uniqueness and creative talents, and allowing others to do exactly the same.

As I said, we are at a fork in the road, and its time to make our decision as to what future we are committed to bringing about.

I have made my choice and I am excited for what lays ahead, for I truly believe that we are up for the challenges that we face.

P.S. – I explore these issues and many other related topics in much more depth in my newly released book ‘Free Range Humans‘, please subscribe below to receive the first 3 chapters for free.

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