Conspiracy researcher David Icke has been hitting the headlines recently after his explosive and controversial interviews with independent media platform London Real, and after he was very recently de-platformed from Facebook and YouTube as the latest victim of the major censorship tyranny currently taking place on the internet.

Naturally, being in the spotlight, this generates all sorts of different opinions, judgments, and projections towards David. I’ve heard everything from him being a charlatan who’s just selling conspiracies to make money, to him being a hero who is leading the resistance, to him being controlled opposition, and everything in between.

So, what is the truth?

I’d like to share my opinions on David, and the reason I feel validated to do so is because he is someone I have been following for many years. Not only that, but since I first read his book ‘Remember who you are‘ back in 2011, I have since connected with many people who either know David well, or have spent concentrated time with him. Ranging from travelling on retreats with him, to working closely with him and his business team, to being close personal friends with him. I also went and watched David’s 12 hour live presentation when he came to Melbourne back in 2016, and have now read 3 of his books, which is no mean feat as each of his books are about 4 inches thick.

I also went through a period around 3 years ago where I decided to really contemplate whether David might actually be controlled opposition, and did some research into this possibility. A controlled opposition being someone who has been deliberately placed in their position by certain sinister powers in order to function as a false leader of the resistance, with the hidden purpose of deceiving and subtly leading people in the wrong direction.

The result of this scrutiny is that I now firmly believe that David is sincere and authentic, but let’s look at these accusations more closely.

David is controlled opposition

The common accusation here is that David’s role as controlled opposition is to make such crazy sounding public claims, that this then causes people to discredit all conspiracy theories at once, even easily provable one’s. Meaning that when other researchers put their theories out into the public, people can brush them off as one of those “crazy David Icke theories”.

There is validity to this concern because there are many controlled opposition agents out there (I won’t name names right now as I don’t want to distract from the purpose of this article), and there are many beliefs and movements that are designed or have been hijacked to discredit the truth movement and freedom resistance. I believe that the flat earth movement is an example of this, as this allows people to discard any conspiracy theory as “one of those crazy flat earth theories”.

Again, this accusation has to be taken seriously because David’s theories do sound implausible and even crazy when presented as headline snippets, such as “reptilian aliens rule the world”, or “the royal family are reptilian shapeshifting aliens”.

Yes, I agree, these do sound very out there at first glance, and these sorts of headlines only scratch the surface in terms of what David put’s out there. However, the only people who assume he is crazy or is a controlled opposition based on these headlines alone, are those who haven’t actually given him the time of day to fully explain where he is coming from. When you read one of his 4-inch books, or when you attend one of his 12-hour presentations, it all gets put into a very different light.

This is not to say that you are going to agree with his every conclusion, but you do realise that David has come to these conclusions not on a whim or because he is crazy, but after very deliberate and in-depth research over many years. When you allow him to present his research and theories in a logical and sequential in-depth fashion, when they are given in the context that there are powers who have deceived and lied to us beyond our imagination, they begin to make much more sense.

Again, this is NOT a guarantee that you will agree with his every conclusion, but you do realise that his reasons for believing what he does are sincere and authentic. He is not trying to lead us in the wrong direction or to give all conspiracy researchers a bad wrap.

The difference with David, is that unlike most people, when he comes up with a very out there conclusion, he doesn’t censor himself and hold back out of fear of being judged. He genuinely doesn’t give a single fuck and just puts it out there for other people to consider, and he does this in a peaceful and respectful way. The nature in which he does this and the fact that he never deviates from what he believes is right, despite the ridicule it brings him, is why many people admire him.

The other thing with controlled opposition agents, is that their subtly deceptive narratives always eventually come undone, and many contradictions and lies in their story line inevitably begin appearing. This has never happened with David as far as I can tell. Even after 30 years of doing what he does, and with all of the immense attacks, ridicule, censorship, and projections he has copped, he has literally never deviated from his core message.

As well, what he predicted was going to happen to the world in his books from the 90’s and 2000’s is literally happening before our eyes. To me, David has more than stood the test of time and overcome every challenge thrown his way with determination and resilience, and has proved himself as being sincere and authentic to the cause of waking up and freeing humanity.

David is a charlatan who just wants to make money

I would love to have left it up to David to defend himself here, as a few years ago he did a fantastic video titled David Icke Is A Multi Millionaire With A Bentley & A Gated Mansion”. In this video he takes the viewer on a tour into his life and where he lives, and its very humble to say the least. However, since his Youtube channel has been completely deleted, I can no longer find this video. If anyone has a backup, please send it to me.

If David was doing what he does purely for money and notoriety, then I would say that he’s pretty silly as there are MUCH EASIER ways to make money and gain popularity than the path he has chosen. People who are only just getting into David’s work lately might not realise that for around 15-20 years, he operated from wayyyyy over in the fringes of the independent media where very few people took him seriously. No doubt he would have found it quite difficult to make large profits in this period. Particularly because many of his funds went into building and maintaining his business, doing his research full time, and flying him around the world to speak in front of anyone who would listen.

I would say (and this is purely a guess based on zero facts) that it would only have been around 2010-12 (or maybe a bit earlier) onward that he started to generate a much bigger audience and probably a much larger income. But I have also seen evidence that much of this money gets put straight back into expanding his business.
He has a website and an online forum for example, which aren’t cheap to run, particularly if you want everything to run smoothly on the back-end and to be able to deal with the huge amount of traffic his website gets. He has developed a new media platform called the Ickonic, which would not be cheap at all to run and maintain. On top of this, most of his children now work part time or full time on his business, and they would all require incomes to support them and their families. David has also had multiple world speaking tours in recent years, which would not be cheap at all to plan and execute, and no doubt there are many other expenses that I’m not factoring in.

Yes, even despite these factors, David would still be making a very healthy profit, and quite frankly I am really glad about it! I am glad that money is flowing to someone who I know will use it solely to enhance his mission of helping humanity obtain truth and freedom. Also, as the deleted video I mentioned above shows, David lives a very humble life in his small 2-bedroom apartment on the Isle of Wight of England, where he has lived for many years. He does not appear to be at all interested in using his money for egoic purposes or material gains, and I have had this confirmed to me by the sources I know that have spent time with him.

David Icke is dangerous

This is another opinion I see thrown around, which is the idea that David Icke is dangerous because the information he is sharing is so false. For example, David is extremely vocal that this current Covid “crises” is a deliberately engineered event with the purpose of taking away human freedoms. Therefore, those in the mainstream who blindly believe that Covid is a legitimate crises, perceive David’s message as being dangerous to those on the front line apparently fighting for our “safety”. This is also the reason why he should be censored and banned from being able to speak his mind freely.

The source of this opinion can be easily traced back to the mainstream media, as every article written about David always attempts to misrepresent him, and to make him appear as a dangerous dissident who is inciting anarchy and violence through his “extreme” views. Naturally, this opinion is parroted around by those who blindly accept the mainstream narrative on every issue without question. But if they allowed their mind to think for itself for a brief period, they would realise that David is an extremely peaceful man, who shares his opinions peacefully, and only wants peace and freedom for all of humanity.

This idea that David is dangerous and should therefore be banned and censored, also makes the assumption that none of us can make up our own minds and are easily persuaded by someone like him. This is nothing but a reflection of the extreme authoritarian Big Brother/Nanny states we live in, whereby we are all treated like little children, and therefore treat each other like children.

The other accusation that falls under this ‘David Icke is dangerous’ umbrella, is that he is anti semitic and racist. Anti-semitic is a term slung at those who are racist towards Jewish people. In regards to David, this is a blatant lie and a clear attempt to discredit his character. David is critical of Zionsim, which is a political ideology held by certain small factions of Jewish people. Zionism is NOT a race of people, and it is NOT a religious faith, and in fact many Jewish people themselves are strong critics of Zionism. One of the most powerful books criticising Zionism is titled ‘The General’s Son – Journey of an Israeli in Palestine’, and guess what, this was written by a courageous Jew named Miko Peled. Does that make him anti semitic as well?

As well, before David’s Youtube channel was deleted, he could be seen in interviews with Jewish people who actually agree with his views on Zionsim.

In my opinion, this accusation stands up as strong as a boulder on a house of straw, and from what I’ve seen, David embraces people from all races and creeds, and his message is one of unconditional love and acceptance.

David is too negative and fear inducing

Some people who get into David’s work complain that all he does is make them feel crappy about the world and this gets them into a state of fear. This is a consequence of him just constantly calling things as he sees them, and the reality is that dark forces are currently creating a lot of havoc on Earth right now, and so there is a lot for him to call out.
I hold the same views as David, which is that to get to the light we must fully confront the darkness, both in the world and within ourselves, no matter how scary or fear inducing it is. Many instead fall into the New Age love and light trap, in which they believe that focusing on the darkness will manifest more of it into the world. I personally think this is a naive view that the dark forces exploit with glee. We need to know exactly what we’re up against, how they operate, and what their agenda is, and this is exactly what David maps out for us. Yes he may get a bit fired up at times, yes I have seen him get a bit too defensive when challenged, but we’re not claiming that he is perfect here. He just calls things as they are.

In my opinion this is the type of refreshing honesty and realness the world needs right now, as we have been living under an illusion and blinded by our wishful thinking for far too long now.

My honest critiques of David

My overall opinion is that David is sincere and has many qualities that we should all aspire to, such as his courage, determination, open mindedness, leadership, and unwavering commitment to truth and freedom. These qualities are why he inspires so many people, and they even inspire many people who don’t agree with everything he says, as they just love seeing those character traits on display.

But David is human, and like all humans he is not perfect and should not be put up on too high a pedestal. As I said earlier, even he would agree with this, and to his credit he has never tried to act perfect or to be someone who he isn’t. I believe that with David, what you see is what you get.

So, what are my critiques? I have some minor issues with some parts of his message. This is not to say that I disagree with these points, but are more just tweaks that I personally would like to see him make. One of those is his message to overcome fear and come back to love as being the solution to transcending this control system that we are in.

Now, of course I totally agree that this is the answer, but how do we do this exactly? How do we wake up each morning and act from love in every decision that we make? More practical and specific suggestions and steps for this are what I think might be missing in David’s work, and I believe that this may be because he is a very unique person himself. David seems to have had a very rapid awakening in Peru back in the early 90’s and was never the same again. Since then he has pursued truth and freedom for himself and humanity in an unwavering fashion, and has consistently operated from love even in the face of immense adversity. However, this is not how the awakening path normally pans out for most people.

For most of us, when we awaken our true selves and awaken to the truth about the world we live in, to then transition to operating solely from our true self and from love requires a HUGE amount of sincere self work and time. For me, I have required years of emotional and psychological trauma healing, particularly through Jungian shadow work, as well as healing my connection to my body through various embodiment practices and modalities. And I still have a long way to go!

As well, as we are awakening and pursuing this self work, we are often on the receiving end of painful judgments and attacks from family, friends and other people, which makes the awakening path particularly difficult. Not to mention trying to make a living and work in a career that fulfills us, raising a family and maintaining healthy relationships, dealing with illnesses or other issues with the body, being bombarded with fear propaganda through the media, and dealing with whatever else comes up!

How do we wake up and operate from our true selves and from love every single day as we pursue truth and freedom, when life keeps throwing all of this crap at us?

From what I have seen, David doesn’t address the specifics of how to do this as much as I’d like. He just appears to be able to say “right, I’m operating from love now” and then boom, he does it. This may not be the case at all, maybe it did take years of self work for him to get to this place, but I haven’t heard him speak of that. Either way, it’s really not that simple for the average person. I feel like this can lead to unhealthy saviour projections onto David, as people become hooked and reliant on his strength, instead of learning to rely on their own strength. Or, people get frustrated and dejected when they realise how difficult living from the heart at all times can be.

I would also love to see him be a bit more vulnerable and open about his personal life, and use his personal story as a way to guide others. For example, he has worked as a professional in many fields (from sport to media), written multiple books, spoken in front of thousands all around the world, built an independent media platform and profitable business, had multiple children and raised a family, been married, and much else. What have been his personal struggles and challenges throughout all of this? What were his darkest moments and highest points of joy? What has he learned as a person? What wisdom can he pass on from the crazy life experiences he has learned?

He has spoken about these events, but I’m talking about coming from more of an emotionally vulnerable point of view.

Any other critiques I have would be things that I just don’t know enough about to form a firm opinion on. For example, he openly admits that nearly all of his waking hours are committed to his work, and that he has been this way for decades. He says that this is how he loves it, and that he incarnated here for a mission and that this life is his work. I would query as to whether this is truly a healthy life balance and whether or not he could implement more self care and self nurturing? As well, is his fanatical focus on his work possibly coming from a place of trying to unconsciously prove himself or to be a martyr for humanity? I’m not stating these as claims as they may be completely off the mark, but as genuine questions, and in reality, only him or those close to him would be able to answer them truthfully.

How to approach his work

If you are someone who is just discovering David Icke and are thinking of delving into his work, this is my advice for how to approach him;

  • Don’t for a second buy into the media’s stories about him, or other people’s opinions and projections of him. The media is controlled by the very forces David has been exposing for decades, and so all they ever do is use every ounce of their resources to discredit and ridicule him. When even that hasn’t worked, they’ve now resorted to de-platforming him on the major social media platforms, despite him having millions of subscribers and followers who really want to hear what he has to say. They have also made sure that only negative stories appear if you search his name into Google. Don’t buy in or listen to all of this crap. Buy one of his books, or listen to one of his live-streams or long presentations on his website, and give the man the respect he deserves and has earned over many years, by letting him present his research to you before you make a firm judgment.
  • Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. I guarantee that even if you do let him present his research to you in depth, you will likely not agree with everything he says, or you may even have an issue with his presenting style or the way he talks. This is no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater and reject everything that he has to say. All I can suggest is to get over it and don’t let such petty stuff deter from his overall message and how much truth he speaks. His mission is to create a world of truth and freedom for us, our children, and our grandchildren to grow up in, and he is courageous and utterly relentless in pursuing this. Surely this is a mission we can all buy in to and get behind!

The last thing I would like to say, is that regardless of your opinion of David Icke and his research, do we really want to see free spirited and free minded people like him get extinguished from the world by the Orwellian communist dictatorship that is creeping around us by the day? For me, that is a world that has completely lost its flair, creativity, uniqueness, soul, and humaneness.

That is not a world that I want to be a part of, and when my son is born in 5 weeks, I want him to be able to grow up in a world where he can strive to be whoever he wants. I know that this is the world David is fighting for, and that’s all I care about.

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