We live in a world that has never been more digitally “connected”, but is it the connection we’re truly after?
I have always craved a deeper connection since I was younger, one that goes beyond the ego. I’ve never been satisfied with playing games and wearing masks and ‘pretending’ to be something or someone I’m not just to be liked & accepted… Or just because it’s what my culture tells me to do. I went down that path & didn’t enjoy it much.
The way I see it is that we have just one shot at this life & it goes very quickly, so why do we care so much about being liked & accepted? And why are we afraid of being judged and of being truly seen by others, all of light & all of our darkness?
So this video is for those looking for a deeper soul connection with themselves & with each other, a type of connection that I think brings deep fulfillment.

Click here to watch.

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