What I believe Covid is at its core is a very deliberate and carefully engineered trauma installment. The latest in a long series of trauma installments that humanity have been subjected to.

The reason the controllers use trauma as a weapon is because unhealed trauma causes fear to become embedded into our nervous systems.

This means that we become disembodied, locked into our reptilian brain, and the world appears to us as a dark, scary, and hostile place. We also become highly susceptible to engaging in addictions and entering into toxic relationships, susceptible to propaganda, as well as always being on the look out for something to make us feel “safe and secure”. So when the controllers offer their tyrannical control mechanisms disguised as “security” (lockdowns, muzzles, vaccine passports etc), the majority welcome this with open arms. This suits the controllers perfectly because when in this state we are very easy to divide and control.

They appear to attempt a major trauma installment every 20-30 years or so to ensure each generation receives at least 1 major installment as children, with constant smaller trauma installments in between. Its important for them to target children, because if trauma can be installed at a young age then the framework of the world that the trauma installs into them just seems “normal”.

“Of course the world is dangerous and scary, of course government must control everything we do, that’s just how it is. We need that to stay safe”. That’s what they want embedded into us.

For example, a child aged between 7-15 back in 2001 could very well have experienced trauma during the 9-11 psyop. Therefore, growing up they will happily accept the control measures installed post 9-11 because they give them a sense of false safety. The 9-11 trauma conditioned into them that terrorists and dangerous people could be absolutely anywhere.

Covid is targeted at everyone, but in particular the children. Seeing adults wearing masks and walking around in a state of fear, being told every day how many cases there are and how many people around the world are dying, being pulled out of school continuously for lockdowns, thinking that a deadly virus is lurking out there that could attack and kill them at any point, not feeling like its safe to be around their friends, not being able to see or hug their grandparents, not being allowed to participate in sports and other normal childhood activities. These are all traumatising for children, and its all very deliberate. They want the future generations growing up to believe the world is exceptionally scary and hostile, and that the only thing that can protect them is mummy government watching and controlling everything they do.

Understanding how trauma installments work gives us an understanding as to why self work and trauma healing is so crucial in this day and age. It is pivotal to taking back our power, but it takes a lot of work and courage as healing our traumas involves confronting them. This can be very painful, but also unimaginably liberating.

Understanding trauma installment also should give us parents the motivation we need to counter the agenda to terrorise our children in any way we can.

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