– Unpacking our covid normal future.
– The global spread of Communism.
– Why the Cabal are rushing their plans and becoming sloppy.
– The global awakening.
– Donald Trump & the patriotic resistance.
– Bringing the agenda and it’s key players out of the shadows.
– The role we can play in creating a better future​.

Have you noticed recently how the media and government are pushing the idea that the objective of our current draconian lockdowns, is to return to what they are calling a “covid normal” way of living?

There is a lot of subtle programming within this new slogan, which is very important to unpack, as coded within it is the agenda the global elite wish to impose upon us.

What will a covid normal way of living look like?

In a nutshell, it is a way of living in which our “new normal” (another slogan they’ve been pushing) way of living, is to exist within societies that have greatly increased authoritarian government systems. Whereby, all aspects of our lives are regulated and controlled down to the most minute detail.

This has been the objective of the global elite for a long time, whom I expose in much more depth in my book ‘Free Range Humans’, as well as this article, and now we are reaching the final stages of their agenda.

If you are somewhere under a strict lockdown right now, then you’re experiencing exactly how the global elite want human societies to operate forever. Yes, they will draw back restrictions somewhat, but nowhere near all of them, and then whenever they deem it necessary for our “safety”, they will reinforce these harsh lockdown restrictions again and again. They want societies to get to a point where it’s perfectly normal to ask “what restrictions do you think we will have this month?”.

The purpose of the covid 19 scam was to first introduce this way of living to us under the guise of ensuring “public safety”, and to impose it for long enough that it then becomes… yes you guessed it, our “new covid normal”. They want to condition us to become accustomed to the government having control over every single thing we do. Along with requiring permits and invasive body checks (heat guns, covid swab tests, vaccine certificate scans etc.), staying distanced from each other, and wearing masks and face screens, just to move about the public in a basic way. Of course, in nanny states like here in Victoria, Australia, heavy government over reach was already normal, but we still had far too much freedom in the eyes of the global cult.

At the moment here in Melbourne, we’re experiencing full blown martial law and are under a form of control that you would barely expect even in the most draconian communist countries on the planet.

Here are some of the lockdown rules currently being enforced upon us.
– We are only allowed off our property for 1 hour a day.
– We have a curfew to stay home between 8pm and 5am (this was just increased to 9pm, oh thank you kind masters)

– Only 1 person from the household is allowed to shop for groceries at a time.
-We may not travel outside a 5k (3 Miles) radius from our home.
– We must wear masks at all times unless we are running or are on a bike, and we legally must wear them even if we are on our own in the middle of nowhere.
– No one is allowed over to our house under any circumstances unless they have a special permit.
– No businesses are allowed open except some cafes and shops for takeaway only.
– No protests are allowed under any circumstances.
– Planning protests are also illegal.

On those last points, videos have recently gone viral of police arresting people in their homes, just for putting up a post on facebook that encouraged people to attend a peaceful protest. The state government is also trying to push forward new legislation that would allow for people to be arrested, just on the suspicion that they might do something unlawful in the future.

This is all literally straight from a dystopian movie like Equilibrium.

If you’re reading this from another state within Australia or from another country, and thinking that it must suck to be in Melbourne, then please realise that what is being done here is a test for how it is planned to be implemented everywhere else.

Seeing as Australia was coming into winter when covid arrived, the global elite were able to put into practice here what they now plan to implement in other countries around the world as they now head into winter. This is obvious as the mainstream media outlets and government officials in countries like Britain and America, are using the exact same language and propaganda we experienced here, to push the idea of a “second wave” of covid coming their way.

What does this mean for Melbourne moving forward?

Now that they have tested how to effectively pummel a population into submission and lock everyone down under martial law here in Melbourne, they will now test how to ease back our restrictions to such an extent that we feel like we are being given back our freedom, but in reality we’ll still be under very tight control. Yes, the “covid normal”.

Here in Melbourne, we’ve now been under some form of strict lockdown for nearly 8 months. That is a long time, and it’s planned to continue for quite a few months longer, with very slow and gradual releases of restrictions. Now, because we have been under such strict control for so long, even the slightest easing of restrictions will feel like freedom for many people. But, the “threat” of covid will always be there, of course, so they can’t give us too much freedom, or who knows, a 3rd, 4th, or even 5th wave could hit us. This is something we just can’t afford to risk, and the only way to ensure our “safety” is to keep a certain amount of restrictions in place. As I said, this is the plan for our society forever if the global elite get their way.

If we want to get straight to the point regarding what the agenda is, it’s to spread communism all around the world. Communism is simply a political ideology created to ensure maximum control over the people, by centralizing huge amounts of power over human life into the hands of the state. It is built on the idea that the “healthy” functioning of a society requires that everyone conforms to the will and authority of the state.

This modern form of communism, however, will be based on a digital technocratic control system, that includes smart cities, a social credit system, and transhumanism.

Those who push communism understand that by nature humans do not wish to give up their basic rights and freedoms, and therefore it’s implementation relies upon pushing terror and fear onto the public. People only give up their freedoms if they think that they are in great danger, and if they think that in return for their freedoms they will be given safety and security.

This eventually leads to heavily suppressed countries like China or North Korea, where the state having complete and utter control over every aspect of people’s lives is just normal.

Are they rushing their plans?

I exposed the agenda to spread communism around the world in my book, which was finished just before covid became a household name. Whilst I believe my predictions for the agenda were accurate, I didn’t predict it would all occur so fast in 2020. In fact, not too many people did.

I believe this is largely because the attempt to transform the world so quickly wasn’t originally part of the agenda. If you study the corrupt Cabal that largely controls this planet, you’ll realise their agenda of total world control via a technocratic communist system, is something they’ve planned for a very long time. In fact, there’s evidence they’ve been working towards it for well over 100 years.

Gradually centralizing their control over the world bit by bit with incredible patience and future foresight, largely by doing what they’re doing now, which is to engineer events that impose immense terror and fear upon the population. Such as wars, terror attacks, public shootings, and yes they’ve used virus outbreaks many times in the past too. All of which encourage people to accept societal changes that they would never otherwise accept if not for their fear.

But they have also always been very careful to implement their agendas in ways that make what’s occurring appear to be genuine events, so as to not wake too many people up to the truth. They view what they are doing to humanity as like boiling frogs in water so gradually, that the frogs don’t even realise what’s going on until it’s too late.

But lately it’s been different. Many of the false flags pushed over the last few years have been extremely sloppy, and now this covid 19 scam has been littered with a level of mistakes rarely seen by the global elite. They’ve heated the metaphorical water up so fast, that many of the frogs within it have “woken up” to what’s going on and are trying to jump out.

Don’t get me wrong, the covid scam has still been effective to a certain degree, but if you really stop to analyse it with a clear head, it is beyond ridiculous. Here in Melbourne’s State, Victoria, as of writing, we have only 861 deaths out of a population of nearly 6.5 million. Many of these deaths have been of people aged over 80, and also many of the stats here have been fudged and appear to be inflated above the actual data. As even if a person has died of something else, if they tested positive for covid just before dying, they’re listed as a “covid death”.

Just think back to all of the incredibly draconian restrictions I previously told you that we’re under here right now, and it’s all because of this supposedly “horrifically deadly” virus. It’s such a joke that it’d be laughable if it weren’t for the complete and utter destruction it’s causing to our once beautiful and vibrant city. We’re at the stage now where if someone can’t see the truth of what’s going on, then they’re just about beyond saving and may not ever wake up. The agenda quite literally could not be more in our faces.

If the people are waking up, then why aren’t millions out on the streets overthrowing the government right now?

This is where we need to realise that an awakening does not happen overnight, and instead requires each person to go through a series of stages. As well, Victoria isn’t referred to as a “nanny” state for no reason. The agenda to implement a more communist style government here has been well under way for a long time, and in general the population of Australia are quite passive and very obedient to authority.

What this means is even once people wake up, overcoming a lifetime of obedience to authority programming, wanting to be liked and not judged by those around them, and finding the courage to do whatever it takes to obtain freedom, takes quite a bit of time. However, once the awakening is triggered, it is very difficult for the state to control it, despite their best attempts to do so.

This awakening is why we’re seeing such harsh action being taken by the police force here in Melbourne and around the world in order to enforce the lockdown rules. It is also why we’re seeing such immense censorship on all of the social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These are all parts of the attempt to prevent the awakening that’s occurring from turning into a major uprising. Yes, this intimidation may slow it down somewhat, but I do not believe that it can stop what is coming.

Why have the global elite rushed their agenda with this covid scam so much, carrying with it the inevitable risk of wake up many millions around the world?

Why would they risk undoing over 250 years of careful and gradual work to get to where they are now?

I believe that they have taken this risk because it was forced upon them by external factors outside of their control.

The first factor was the awakening that was already occurring around the world, even before covid hit, and which was increasing at a rapid rate. I believe that this awakening has been triggered by a massive infusion of solar energies hitting Earth over the past decades, with a big infusion occuring around 2011/12, when many people began waking up, including myself. These energies carry encoded within them vibrations of truth and awareness that seek to enlighten the population and help humanity to spiritually evolve, and this is one reason why Bill Gates wishes to block out these solar energies through his geoengineering agenda.

The second factor is the patriotic resistance brewing in America, fronted by Donald Trump. I won’t say too much about Trump as the opinions around him are so polarizing, even within the truth community. Some people see him as the saviour, whereas others are convinced that he is just another puppet of the global elite, and that all we’re seeing right now is just theatre designed to dupe the masses. I am more in the middle.

I’ve seen enough evidence now to be confident that Trump is indeed standing up against the Cabal, and that his resistance is a major reason for the hastening of the Cabal’s plans, and all of the risks that have come along with that. Or, I have at least seen enough to give him a chance to prove himself in his second term when/if he wins. There is evidence however that he may be another Zionist puppet. Or, he may be using a different strategy to deal with the Zionists, as the past has proved that playing them at their own game just never works. Time will tell.


While things are quite scary and uncertain at the moment, I also perceive these as exciting times. Whilst I do not like seeing the pain and suffering that these lockdowns are causing, I’m very glad that the agenda is now out in the open and in people’s faces. Having personally been aware of what’s been going on for many years, it’s been exceptionally difficult to wake people up from their spell whilst they were still distracted by the mechanical routine of their normal daily life. Particularly when to them, nothing seemed too out of the ordinary or alarming in the world.
They can easily just brush you off as a radical “conspiracy theorist”.

Now, things are VERY different. The agenda is not only in people’s faces, but those behind the agenda have been forced out of the shadows so that everyone can see their true nature.

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For example, Bill Gates, who once hid behind his carefully groomed “philanthropist” persona, is now widely seen as the power hungry, psychopathic eugenicist that he is. As he pursues his agenda of forcing his vaccine and microchip onto the entire world population.
George Soros, the Hungarian billionaire who engineers so much suffering and destruction around the world, but whose name was forbidden to be spoken within the media, is now becoming a widely known key player in this agenda.
World leaders and governors/premiers from all around the world have also shown their true colours. Here in Victoria, our premier Dan Andrews was barely ever spoken about before by the general public, and yet now he has become famous and synonymous with the title ‘Dictator Dan’.
Groups like ‘Antifa’ over in America (funded by Soros of course), are no longer widely recognized as a group that “courageously fights fascism” as they claim, but as a terrorist organization that excels at violence and destruction.

Whilst forcing the agenda and all of its key players out of the shadows has certainly made the world seem more scary and unpredictable, it has actually been a very positive thing for humanity. This is because it is from the shadows that these creatures operate best. Out in the open they panic and operate from desperation, such as what we are seeing examples of now, and the result of this is that they begin to make many mistakes, over reach with their power, and wake many more people up in the process.

Yes, it causes pain and destruction, but their plan was to cause historic levels of pain and destruction anyway, only from the shadows they can do it MUCH more effectively. At least out in the open, we have brought them onto our playing field, whereby, we can now work to unite and overcome them together. In my opinion, forcing these creatures out into the open has been the major gift Trump and his team have given to humanity.

You may be feeling helpless right now and like there is nothing you can do, particularly if you are locked down in your house like we are here in Melbourne.

This is not the case though. Each and every day, you’re playing a valuable role in helping humanity find its way forward. By pursuing things like arming yourself with knowledge, waking up the people around you, being a pillar of support for family and friends, planting seeds of awareness on social media, getting survival preparations in order so as to be prepared in case any grids go down, working on your mental and physical health, and becoming embodied to help anchor the powerful solar energies infusing into earth. All of these are crucial aspects of the solution.

It does not matter how big or small your role is. As humans, we are a team and a family, and all that matters is that millions of us are doing what is required to wake up and play our role.

This is because together we are unstoppable!

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