The current narratives

The truth is that no one knows for absolute sure what this virus is and where it came from, although there are a number of theories that we can explore.

The mainstream narrative, as we all know, is that someone in China ate a bat and then spread the disease from there. I don’t personally believe this story. So, if you are convinced that this is true and won’t be budged otherwise, then maybe this article isn’t for you.

Still with me? Okay cool, so there are a few alternative theories going around. One is that this virus was engineered in a lab and deliberately released upon humanity as a biological weapon, and the harm it is causing around the world is very real. Now this does not necessarily mean that the Chinese government was directly responsible, and I will elaborate soon on why we can’t instantly make that assumption.

The second alternative narrative is that the virus was released as a biological weapon, but it is not actually doing as much damage as we’re being led to believe. Or at least it is doing damage to those who are vulnerable, such as the elderly or those who are already sick and thus their immune systems are weak/compromised, but is easily shrugged off by those whose immune systems are strong and vigorous. There are many reports coming through of people who are recovering quite quickly, even those of very old age such as this 103 year old Chinese woman who fully recovered in just 6 days. The key point with this woman was that despite her age, she was actually in great health. This points to the likelihood that the damage and threat of this virus is largely determined by the health and vigour of the person who gets it.

The third alternative narrative, which is one I am still very open to being a possibility, especially as new evidence emerges, is also a theory most people would instantly reject at face value. This theory is heavily skeptical that there even is a virus, and that this is all a giant hoax created largely by the Big Pharma/medical cartel, and that many of the facts/statistics we are receiving are being deliberately muddled. Now, as I said I know that most of you reading this right now, even those with an open mind, might reflexively reject this because it is so directly opposed to the narrative we are fed each day by the media. But before you do I recommend looking into the research of Jon Rappoport, who is a Pulitzer prize nominated veteran researcher of 30 years. In the past he has exposed major corruption within the CDC (centers for disease control) and WHO (world health organization), and how they’ve manipulated stats and utilized the media to brainwash us into thinking things are much worse than they actually are. Particularly in many of the previous global diseases whereby none of the doomsday predictions actually eventuated, and he seems to be very skeptical as to whether this is actually a virus, or whether we are being fed complete lies. Another excellent researcher is David Crowe who has spent a large portion of his life studying infectious diseases, and also uncovering CDC and WHO corruption. He is thinking along similar lines to Jon Rappoport, and he shares his ideas and in-depth research on a recent podcast. As well, if you check out another article I published titled ‘The True Nature of Disease‘, you will see that there are big questions marks around the mainstream theory of germs and disease. So just keep an open mind to these possibilities if you can, at this stage I personally am not discarding anything without further evidence.

But people are being properly tested for Covid 19 and are getting positive results I hear you say? Well, if you listen to David Crowe’s podcast above you will see that there are major question marks over the effectiveness of the Covid 19 test. 

(post edit addition – Since writing this article,  I’ve also come across Dr. Andy Kaufman who is doing some great work. He and others have some amazing resources on this website

These are the key theories going around at the moment. I’m still a little bit on the fence as to what I am leaning towards, and will wait for more evidence to come out. However, regardless of the cause of this threat, or whether the danger it poses is genuine or not, the reality is that the global governmental response to it has been very real, and is affecting our lives in a huge way. My opinion is that virus or not, the extreme reaction to this “threat” has been pre-engineered by a powerful hidden Cabal and fits in to a much bigger agenda. The purpose of this latest crises is to bring about a series of dramatic societal changes that will change the way the world works as we know it.

The Hidden Cabal

I go to great lengths in my newly released book ‘Free Range Humans’ to explain that within humanity there is a hidden elite, which I often describe as the ruling 1%, or the Cabal, that controls human societies from the shadows. They consist of around 13 family bloodlines that obsessively interbreed so as to maintain the purity of their genetics, and they have ruled over humanity for a very long time. They literally perceive themselves as being our masters, and in fact it could be said that they see themselves as our owners, as they view us in the same way as a farmer views his livestock. If you’re someone who wants to look deeper into this Cabal and how they operate, please consider checking out my book (you can also download the first 3 chapters for free). The reason I called it ‘Free Range Humans’ is because essentially we are treated like animals raised in captivity, who are allowed to roam “free”, but within very specific boundaries and under very specific rules, regulations, and surveillance. This is not true freedom, and we only accept it because it’s an existence that we have been domesticated in to, and have been programmed to be highly obedient to. If you are someone who is a deep researcher and is seeking highly specific details about who our “masters” are and how they obtained their power over us, then I highly recommend reading a book titled ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’, as well as checking out this video. Another resource I highly recommend in order to gain a deeper understanding into this, is the series ‘The Dark Crystal’ on Netflix, which contains an immense amount of truth. I know for the more left brain analytical types out there, using a fictional fantasy series as an example will not seem all that convincing. But art is and always has been a fantastic way for awake people to spread seeds of truth, especially in more subtle ways so that they avoid the mass ridicule and rejection that being truly honest can often attract.

This Cabal have setup an institutionalised control system around us that programs and brainwashes us from cradle to grave, manipulating our perceptions throughout our lives, and deceiving us into believing that we are free. The reason they must uphold the illusion of our freedom is because in terms of numbers, we (as in the human population) greatly outnumber this tiny ruling 1%. For this reason, they must manipulate us whilst remaining hidden in shadows, for if enough people awakened to what was truly going on, then there would be an instant uprising. However, in saying this, they are becoming less and less interested in maintaining this illusion of freedom as their control systems become more powerful. This latest draconian lock down is a perfect example of how open it is becoming, but even still, due to their lifelong programming and subservience to authority, most of the masses are still blindly believing and obeying everything they are told.

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” Frank Zappa

The control system that this Cabal have set up around us is what researchers refer to as the Matrix Control System (MCS), and is what the movie ‘The Matrix’ was revealing to us. The MCS however, operates not only in our physical world through the centralised institutions of finance, government, education, medicine, technology, and so on, but also operates within the hidden non-physical realms. This video series brilliantly explains what I mean.

Now in terms of this MCS that has been built around us, it has not yet reached its endgame in terms of where the Cabal desires to take it. For a very long time they have been gradually upgrading our prison and transitioning it to what they themselves describe as the New World Order (NWO). The key feature of this NWO is to create a one world government that rules over every single nation, with current independent countries to become states within larger unions, and these unions will all be centrally controlled. Within this one world government, human societies will be transitioned towards a technologically based grid in which all of our devices will be converted into ‘smart’ devices (already well advanced), which will all be connected by a central AI (artificial intelligence) within what will be known as the ‘smart grid’. The Cabal will control the AI, and will program its coding and algorithms so that it controls humanity in a specific way. Within this globalised control system, humanity will be kept in a state of subservience and obedience through the use of a militarised global police force, as well as a militarised AI infused robotic/drone force.

There are many other things that are planned for this NWO agenda, but most notably are mandatory vaccines, mandatory microchips, and a cashless social crediting system, just like the one that currently exists in China. All of this will be implemented for our own “safety” of course.


“The real problem is that when human societies lose their freedom, it’s not usually because tyrants have taken it away. It’s usually because people willingly surrender their freedom in return for protection against some external threat.”Lord Sumption

The dramatic changes that need to occur in order to make all of this happen are so massive that they would raise far too many alarm bells among the public if they were all rolled out at once, and this would inevitably lead to great resistance. Especially considering how invasive these changes are going to be, and how little privacy and freedom we will have left once they are fully in place. In fact, this resistance is already growing as seen in the yellow vest movements, Hong Kong protests, and countless other protests around the world. You will never get the truth about these protests and why they are happening given to you over the nightly news however, as this Cabal completely controls the mainstream media. In fact, it was very interesting how this covid 19 virus was all of a sudden released with all of these protests going on around the world, as it gave the Cabal a very convenient excuse to force everyone off the streets and reinforce their obedience to authority.

In order to counteract any resistance to their NWO agenda, the Cabal routinely implement a strategy known as ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’ (PRS). This is where a problem is created (or even just the illusion of a problem will work), which then generates a powerful emotional reaction. This then creates the widespread belief in the need for a new “solution” to this deliberately engineered problem. PRS is used by the Cabal against humanity in such a way as to generate very specific emotional reactions, most often fear, terror, and anger, which causes us to then demand changes to how our current system operates. These changes, however, whilst appearing to provide us with increased safety and security, are in fact just upgrades being made to our prison that edge us closer to the endgame of the NWO. Alongside implementing the PRS strategy, the Cabal also attacks, discredits, and ridicules anyone who is awake to their manipulation and who attempts to warn others. They brainwash the public to believe that these people are crazy “conspiracy theorists”, and encourages them to attack them and bring them back into line with the rest of the obedient herd.

An example of a PRS strategy is when the Cabal engineer and implement a terror attack upon a certain country. They will do it in such a way that this attack causes a major trauma that sends waves of shock and fear right around the world. This is enhanced by the Cabal controlled mainstream media, who relentlessly pummel the images of the attack into everyone’s minds, ensuring that the masses experience maximum shock and fear. The deliberately engineered 9-11 attacks are a perfect example of this. Once the attack occurs, the Cabal wait for the emotional reaction from the public, who, in their state of fear, shock, and then anger, begin demanding that the government “do something” to protect everyone. Whilst all of this is occurring, the Cabal release pre planned media headlines that they will then pummel into the public’s minds after the attacks. This allows them to control people’s perceptions regarding what actually happened.

In these headlines they will make the public think that a certain group or a certain country were responsible, and they will also convince the public that the government must take “strong measures” against that country in response. As well as tightening up their own internal security measures of course. This means that they now have enough support to go and begin a war in which many people will inevitably die, as well as imposing draconian measures that will take away many of the freedoms and basic human rights of their own people.

These new draconian measures always include things that people would never normally accept in a million years, unless of course they thought there was a very good and justifiable reason for them to be implemented. When people are in shock, fear, and anger, such as after a terror attack, they will accept basically anything if they think it will guarantee their future safety, as well as get revenge upon those that they perceive as the perpetrators. This is the power of the PRS strategy, which is the ultimate tool for social perception engineering and manipulation of the masses. It has been used on us again and again throughout history, and it will continue to be used again and again until we wake up to it, simply because it is so damn effective.

Many of the extreme events we see occur in the world were actually pre-engineered by this Cabal as part of their endless series of PRS strategies that they subject humanity to. This even includes things that you would never normally suspect such as manipulated extreme weather events, as they now have the technology to achieve such feats. To most of the hypnotised and asleep masses, all of the crazy events they see around the world appear to be random and unconnected, but for those who have awakened from their brainwashing, they can see there is a hidden hand guiding worldly events. They can also see that these “random” events are part of a very sinister agenda to tiptoe humanity towards the NWO endgame.

Our centralised world

The Cabal can implement their PRS strategy onto every country whenever they want because they have so effectively centralised their control over the world. In fact, the PRS strategy was used to achieve this centralization of power in the first place, particularly via the big world wars of last century.

One of the most incredible and detailed books on this subject is the book mentioned above ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’. It documents how for a very long time this Cabal desired global institutions, which would allow them to govern and control all of the nations which subscribed to them. Examples of this are the UN (united nation), WHO (world health organisation), NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization), and the IMF (international monetary fund). The Cabal met great resistance trying to implement these global institutions, because each country understood that they would require them to completely give up their independence and freedom. So, the Cabal did something that shows exactly how cunning, ruthless, and resourceful they really are, which was to engineer two major world wars. After these world wars these institutions were accepted on a global scale, because they were now deemed necessary in order to maintain “world peace”, and to ensure another world war never happened again. What it meant, however, was that each country were now giving their power away to the very same ruthless forces in which they actually required the most protection from.

Now, as a result of what occurred last century and the PRS strategies that were used upon humanity, just about every country on the planet today is a member of these institutions. This has provided the Cabal with unprecedented power and control over the world. This also explains why China cannot necessarily be directly blamed for this latest virus attack if it was a deliberately released bio-weapon, as the Chinese government is not actually in control of its people. Just like nearly every other country on the planet, China answers to and is controlled by this hidden Cabal. This Cabal however, absolutely love the communist system they have set up in China, because it is such an effective system for social control. This is why they intend on spreading the Chinese communist model all around the globe, destroying what’s left of western democracy in the process.

Covid – 19

This was all important to explain because it helps us to understand exactly what is going on right now with this Covid-19, and please keep in mind that what I have just explained is only the tip of the iceberg. It takes extreme street smarts, discernment, and intuition to be able to understand the highly deceptive strategies of this Cabal. And requires overcoming an immense amount of lies and brainwashing in regards to what we are told about our history and why the world is the way it is. Not many people are able to digest all of this information without going into cognitive dissonance and freaking out.

Covid-19 is the latest in a string of numerous PRS strategies designed to edge us closer to the NWO endgame, only this is a really big one. This latest PRS event also shows how centralized the power structures of our world really are, as by the WHO officially declaring Covid-19 a pandemic, the entire world and nearly every single institution within it has been forced into a complete lock down. How’s that for some power!

Why would this Cabal use a viral outbreak as a PRS strategy? Well, a virus works perfectly on multiple levels and helps justify the implementation of many requirements needed to further the NWO agenda. Here is a list of 10 of them.

  1. Destroying the economy – The Cabal wish to destroy our current economy so that it can be replaced with a cashless digital social crediting system, like the one we see in China, and in this system, people will receive a universal income. A universal income may sound great at first glance, but when it comes from this Cabal, it will not be used to liberate us, but to control us even further. What better way to destroy the economy than by releasing a virus, forcing nearly every business to stop trading and causing the entire economy to come to a complete halt. If they stretch this out for another few months or even longer, which appears to be the plan, then the economic damage will be unrecoverable and people will be much more open to approving a completely new economic system that will promise that “this never happens again”. The other thing regarding this point is that the economy was clearly heading for destruction anyway, mostly because it is so manipulated by the Cabal who control the world’s central banks. But rather than it imploding because it was designed in a broken way, and everyone realising that, now the virus can be blamed for its destruction and the Cabal can then go about manipulating the next system they implement without challenge.

  2. Mandatory vaccines At this point enforcing mandatory vaccines upon the population will receive huge backlash from many people who see forcing a needle and medicine into someone’s arm by law as the ultimate violation of human rights and free choice. Now, with everyone in immense fear about this virus, most will accept anything if they think that it will ensure that it never occurs again. Watch this space, as I expect a mandatory vaccine to be pushed upon us very strongly over the coming months.

  3. A virus is a never-ending perpetual threat – Unlike the typical PRS strategies used on us, such as a staged terror attack or public shooting, which have definitive end points, how do we know when we will be truly free from this “threat”? We don’t really, and that’s the point. With a virus we don’t truly know when it has fully disappeared or whether it will ever come back, so it is the perfect threat for the Cabal to always hang over us. It may also make people permanently paranoid about germs and even each other. At the moment we’re seeing people obsessively disinfect themselves, distance themselves from other, and wearing gloves and face masks just to name a few. People see this as highly necessary right now because the threat appears to be right on our doorstep, but I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if these new habits become permanently ingrained into people’s psyches. I don’t know about you, but that would create a very weird world, even weirder than it already is.

  4. A reminder to humanity of the power and authority of the state – As I said, many uprisings have been occurring across the world in recent months and years, as people are completely fed up with being suppressed and manipulated. This pandemic justified enforcement of a global lock down has been a stark reminder to the people of the power and authority of the state. Will it take the wind out humanity’s sails and make us cower in fear in the corner, or will we keep rising?

  5. The roll out of the 5G grid – The potentially highly dangerous 5G grid has been met with immense resistance around the world due to the unknown health effects it may cause, along with its implementation being a key required feature of the technological smart grid. Now, with the release of this virus, we’re seeing a huge push from telecom companies, along with the media, to roll out 5G even faster than planned. The reason for this? Well, because with so many people at home now on the internet, the servers are being overloaded and are slowing down, so we need a faster server as soon as possible. I must admit that even I was surprised that they went for this angle, and sometimes you can’t help but be a bit blown away by the Cabal’s ambitiousness and ruthlessness when they have an agenda they want to implement.

  6. Draconian measures becoming normalised – What we’re seeing around us are intense draconian measures being imposed upon humanity. We’re accepting these now because in our minds they are justified because this is an “emergency” situation, and most people expect things to go back to “normal” once its all over. But that’s the thing, it is very likely based on past PRS strategies, that things won’t ever go back to how they were before. Our governments may roll back some of these current draconian measures, but they won’t roll back all of them. Former US congressman Ron Paul, who is one of the only people in politics to speak the truth, explained what I am saying here in a really informative public announcement last week that he titled ‘The Coronavirus hoax’. I highly recommend reading the entire thing, but I will share the last paragraph here because it is very telling.

    “That is not to say the disease is harmless. Without question people will die from coronavirus. Those in vulnerable categories should take precautions to limit their risk of exposure. But we have seen this movie before. Government over-hypes a threat as an excuse to grab more of our freedoms. When the “threat” is over, however, they never give us our freedoms back.” Ron Paul

  7. Making people afraid of each other – One other tactic that this Cabal completely relies upon is the ‘divide and conquer’ tactic. They use this because it is only by dividing us can we be most effectively controlled, whereas when we are united we are exceptionally powerful. What better way to make us afraid of and disconnected from each other through Orwellian terms such as ‘social distancing’ and ‘self isolation’. Again, we expect these drastic measures to change and for things to go back to normal when this is all over, but I don’t think that is part of the plan.

  8. Encouraging people to police each other – Along with dividing us, the Cabal manipulates us into keeping each other in line whenever anyone is disobedient to the will of our masters. We are seeing this in full throttle at the moment, whereby if anyone even dares challenge the mainstream narrative around Covid-19, they are instantly attacked and brought back in line with the rest of the herd.

  9. Imposing a collective trauma into the psyche of humanity – In our western countries, we have existed in times of relative peace for quite a long time. This has lulled us into a false sense of security and safety, which is not ideal from the perspective of the Cabal, because without us perceiving any immediate threats to our survival and safety, we are not in a constant state of fear. The Cabal require us to be in a state of fear, because as I elaborate on in this previous article, fear makes us much easier to control. Not only does this latest threat put us all in fear, but it will also leave a scar in our collective psyche whereby we will likely always be slightly on edge moving forward. Again, this makes us much easier to manipulate and much more likely to give away personal freedoms that we otherwise never would have agreed to.

  10. Destruction of small to medium business’s and expansion of the welfare state The economic devastation of this lock down will destroy countless numbers of small to medium business’s, and all that will be left to dominate will be multinational corporations. This is exactly what has been planned and is also exactly what Orwell predicted in his dystopian novel 1984. What Orwell also predicted was a complete welfare state in which the masses survived only on the rations they were provided by the state. Look at what has happened already with this Covid-19 lock down, in that hundreds of thousands of people are now utterly dependent on the handouts of the state for their survival. The plan is for this to not change from here on in, especially as robotics and AI take over more and more human jobs, and the rations we receive will get smaller and smaller.

A prison upgrade or a catalyst for change?

What I have presented so far, whilst being uncomfortable and sometimes depressing information to receive, is also very important to confront, because without understanding how we are being manipulated we are never going to understanding how to obtain our freedom. As well, without understanding how we are being divided and ruled, we are never going to know how to once again become unified.

The reality is that our situation certainly isn’t all doom and gloom, for there are always two sides to the same coin. Whenever the forces of darkness push against us, there are higher positive forces pushing back in return. There are many people awakening within many different sectors of society right now, and these people are all playing their roles to bring these systems of control down from within. It often doesn’t seem this way because this Cabal control so much of the information we receive, and they want us to think that our situation is hopeless. We must not let this deception get us down, and we must keep our focus on the things that we can control within our personal lives, which is our own personal and spiritual development.

In my book I explain the quantum nature of this reality we are in and how everything is connected, and I also explain how the Cabal exploit our unconscious wounds and fears that lay within our suppressed shadow. This is why in my opinion, apart from taking practical measures in our daily lives to make sure we are safe and secure (such as following the fantastic advice of this survivalist article), a major part of our focus must be on inner self work and shadow work. By shining awareness onto our shadow wounds and blind spots, and by healing and integrating them into our wholeness, we become much more difficult to manipulate and exploit. And because of the quantum nature of this reality and the human race all being connected on a deeper level, when we heal ourselves and raise our inner frequency, we help heal and raise the whole. But when we buy into the illusion that we are separate and are all on our own (especially whilst in self “isolation”), we feel helpless and powerless, and we become desperate to seek external fixes, along with praying for someone or something to come along and save us.

As the Cabal push their systems of control against humanity more firmly, more and more people are taking a pause and asking what the hell is going on in the world?! These questions are the starting point for an awakening, and so whilst what is happening around us may seem scary and chaotic, it is also what needs to occur otherwise we will simply keep sleep walking into our own destruction.

We truly need to wake up, and this is what I believe is occurring right now.

P.S. – I explore this topic and many other related topics in much more depth in my newly released book ‘Free Range Humans‘, please subscribe below to receive the first 3 chapters for free.

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