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Our mission here at SOA is to help others develop on their spiritual journey, and to help navigate the many traps and trials of the esoteric path. Particularly the great challenge we all face of awakening to and transcending the Matrix Control System.

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The World-Wide Theatrical Drama

The World-Wide Theatrical Drama

The following is an extract from my book 'Free Range Humans - Understanding the Matrix Control System & Awakening Your True Self'. With the world’s nations controlled under a single multinational corporate pyramid, the Cabal puppets we call world leaders then play...

The Fall of the Establishment

The Fall of the Establishment

The political establishment masquerades itself as a sophisticated system that can effectively run and manage human societies. This is nothing but a fraud. In truth it is a criminal system designed to enrich and empower itself at the cost of you and I. Anyone seeking...

The Illusion of Freedom

The Illusion of Freedom

The cold hard and painful to accept truth is that we have never been free. We are born into a system that is designed to control us from cradle to grave, and are given the illusion of freedom only because it suits the controllers. They have learned from the past that...

Covid – A Trauma Installment Psyop

Covid – A Trauma Installment Psyop

What I believe Covid is at its core is a very deliberate and carefully engineered trauma installment. The latest in a long series of trauma installments that humanity have been subjected to. The reason the controllers use trauma as a weapon is because unhealed trauma...

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A great spiritual awakening, a New Age of consciousness, is occurring on Earth. Many are remembering who we truly are, after having been programmed since birth and imprisoned within the Matrix Control System. Humanity is beginning to realise that nothing on this planet is as it seems, and that we are being farmed for our life force energy by the elite rulers of Earth. They manipulate humanity into endless conflict and strive to rule us with the age-old game of divide and conquer, all as part of their ongoing agenda to enslave us within their technological prison known as the “New World Order”.

Free Range Humans takes the reader deep down the rabbit hole and will make sense of the intense and seemingly random chaos occurring on Earth right now. What is revealed in this book is shocking and is only for those sincerely seeking truth, spiritual growth, personal freedom, and metaphysical understanding.

Join us as we work together to transcend the Matrix Control System and use the great challenges we face as catalysts for the evolution of human consciousness.

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Spirit, Body, & Ego Personality

Discover vibrant health with Matt’s revolutionary book – 365 Days of Wholeness – Understanding the Conditions Your Body Needs to Thrive Daily’.

This book is based on Matt’s 8 years spent as a professional athlete as well as many years studying nutrition and disease. Learn to take control of your health once and for all by understanding how to allow the natural and innate miraculous healing powers of your body to thrive.

Health is not something we need to pray or wish for, it is our birthright. The human body is a marvelous design, a pinnacle of millions of years of development and evolution, and given the proper conditions it’s natural state is to be vibrant and healthy with an abundance of energy.

365 Days of Wholeness is a simple, practical and easy to follow guide to help you rediscover how powerful your ability to heal really is.

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